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for Child of Lightning

17h c44 2roon0
everyone is in trouble, I can't wait to see how they get out of it. thank you so much for the update. keep safe and good luck with your projects.
5/4 c45 Dragon Whistler
I just love your stories. I'm so grateful for writers like you. Writer's block sucks but each chapter becomes more and more intriguing. I'll patiently wait for each new chapter because creative genius cannot be rushed.
5/3 c43 roon0
what a packed chapter and so exciting.
5/3 c42 roon0
I loved the chapter, so thank you. sorry to hear of your woes hopethings get better soon.
5/3 c41 roon0
oh my what a cliff hanger. fabulous chapter very enjoyable chapter, thank you.
5/1 c39 roon0
its lovely that Nat and Thor have some "me" time.
5/1 c4 BookwormsParadise
Can you please clarify if its Natasha or Natalia in your story as you have used both in this chapter. Please don't keep switching between the two names as it gets irritating after few times.
4/30 c45 Avalon Starfire
I really hope you find away for Thor to get his powers back soon. Maybe Hermione gets a little sibling soon :) And that Loki doesn’t go off the deep end of things. Can’t wait for the next update hoping to see when the girls finally speak with Jor.
4/30 c31 1smashdenslap
i love that voldemort is freaking polite as he called their names. akshddhksj!
this chapter is awesome and sooo bad ass.
4/29 c45 1liz.onia
Thanks for the update! I'm used to a gazillion pages on an update but the short and sweet chapter was nice too. Hoping for another chapter soon- this is still one of my absolute favorite fanfic stories!
4/26 c45 20CallaRose4ever
: ) awesome.
4/25 c45 johncorn
I'm glad this story hasn't been forgotten. It's so good
4/25 c45 liasora
Thank you for the update! After so long, it was surely a delightful surprise when I saw an update of this amazing story! I am re-reading from the beginning again because it is really interesting! Cannot wait to see how the rest of the story will progress! Thank you! I will definitely be waiting for a new update!
4/25 c45 Ms.Anbu-Chan
Can’t wait for the next chapter. ! :)
4/25 c45 1fairylover2004
OMG i could hardly contain my happiness when i saw this was updated! Thank you!
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