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6/19 c46 dhnysports88
any chance we get an update soon?
4/8 c46 2blackbloodywolf
this is amazing, can't wait for more~
3/5 c46 aiachrstn0809
pls comeback
2/26 c46 liasora
Reading this story again. It's addictive! Please, update soon
2/16 c46 laurencampbell513
This is so fucking good! Next chapter please
12/13/2021 c46 Hermione24
Thank you for the new chapters... Hoping for more... please please please... thank you bery!
12/1/2021 c4 Dissapointed
It is not a bad story but it is honestly a very ridiculous one. Why for all that is holy in Asgard, would Thor of all people play an agent and go into Midgardian spy service working for Russians? Just... it seems this author is a little bit mentally out of there.
11/27/2021 c22 8CRUDEN
Itd be pretty cool if Regulus started W.A.N.D. (Wizardry Alchemy Necromancy Department) for SHIELD. Maybe with Natasha's help as well
10/31/2021 c46 Fairylibrary94
this story is so interesting...I hope you continue this story...
10/17/2021 c39 2wsbenge
Well done return of Thor to New Mexico.

I was actually extremely disappointed with the first movie, Thor. Marvel's Dr. Donald Blake was much better, even though the movie was humorous.
10/17/2021 c38 wsbenge
Odin is almost always the mega powerful idiot. One who does nothing with it but serve himself and Asgard's isolation. It is a common theme. Perhaps founded in our own reality. The Powers That Be allowing pain and suffering for an unknown reason.

Look at me be all philosophical. Your story got me to thinking. :)
10/16/2021 c37 wsbenge
All it takes is a simple false self fulfilling prophecy to a powerful gullible person. Odin and Dumbledore, is this story. Controlled by yet another enemy.
9/19/2021 c46 Roxxi-Chan
Tenía está historia para leer después y me perdí como 20 capítulos sin leer y cada uno me iba sorprendiendo cada vez más, ahora me encantaría que no tardarás mucho para publicar el siguiente capítulo el suspenso me mata cuando lo dejan en partes interesantes y quiero saber cómo va a recuperar sus poderes Thor y que va a pasar con Loki y sus hijas y los amigos de esas hijas y cuando esas hijas revelarán sobre sus sangre piadosa ... Me muero por saber NO TARDES POR FAVOR...
9/3/2021 c46 KaylaBears18
Great story, hope to see an update soon!
8/27/2021 c7 Guest
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