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1/10/2016 c1 5AGirlCalledPadfoot
I liked this. But what happens if there are infinite number of heroes and villains? Also, I don't think that in a fight between fiction and reality there will ever be a winner. Reality will always exist and so will fiction. You can't have fiction without reality. And reality without fiction is A) boring and B) never progress. Some things that were once fiction are now reality. But then this is just rambling. Great story. Keep thinking beyond ordinary limits.
6/2/2015 c1 16Magestorrow
I really liked this story! It definitely was creative, and though I didn't recognize all of the names-like Clary, Sam, Rose, and Groot-I still loved it. Die, Witch of Reality!
If you ever feel the urge, you should use other characters and make the witch come back. I'm not sure what other fandoms you dabble in or follow, but I totally suggest another chapter if you get the feeling that this should be multiple chapters, go for it!
5/27/2015 c1 PokedragonofKonoha
3/28/2015 c1 10Kendra PJO
Wow, I really like this. Haven't read all the series yet (which one is Groot from?) but I like the idea of fiction v. reality- FICTION FOREVER!
2/19/2015 c1 LibzJackson
Cool! Really strange, awesome ideas you have :D I was gonna say something else, but I forgot. Oh, wait! Um, is this a one-shot? And... one of the teachers from our school died yesterday. She had a brain bleed or something, and it happened so fast. I mean, two days ago she was teaching 5 year olds how to spell. D',X Her name was Kirsty.
2/19/2015 c1 IamaGuest
Thanks for that. It was wonderful.
2/17/2015 c1 Mari Wollsch
lovely xxxxxxxx
2/17/2015 c1 4thegirlwiththerainboweyes
Thats really cool

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