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6/13/2020 c4 1Adelos
This is one of the best thranduil fanfics out there, I reeeeally hope you intend to finish it, or at least announce if it's abandoned so I don't keep my hopes up too much :')
6/13/2020 c5 arc
Damn, this must be one of the best Thranduil fics I've read! Your writing is really good and I do hope you are better :) I really hope you don't abandon this fic
4/17/2020 c5 2X-98
An incredible story to say the least!
But does Thorin not understand that he can use it as an exchange weapon?
I am eager to read the sequel!
I hope you have recovered and that you have not abandoned this splendid story!
10/10/2018 c1 Posher10
Love this! Seems like this is an opening to a lovely story! Also, why is Thranduil here? Wouldn't people have rescued him? Plus, perhaps this is just me, but I don't think that the Company would be tip-toeing around Thorin this much. They only acted like this during the Gold Sickness, when he was unreasonable. But before, they weren't afraid to question him and Thorin excepted the constructive criticism.
10/10/2018 c2 Posher10
I loved the dreams! It was so vivid and realistic and made my blood curdle! Please say that Legolas isn't dead! Please say he's at Imladris or something! Also, quick question, isn't Athelas an Elvish remedy? From what I've read about Tolkien's writings, Dwarves didn't know about it. And, even if they did, it wouldn't matter. Athelas is only usual for when you're curing Black Breath or a Morgal Wound. Otherwise, it's basically a useless perfume.
10/10/2018 c3 Posher10
I have a question. What was Thorin planning to do? I got a little of it, but I really think you should have gone it more depth.
10/10/2018 c5 Posher10
I'm sure the therapy will help you through whatever it is that you are recovering from. And the darkness in the writing? It only makes sense. I'll give you plenty of breathing room to heal. You need it. I don't know how your other readers will react, but I'm with you.
May the Lord always find you,

10/10/2018 c4 Posher10
This story is absolutely the most wonderful thing that I have ever read! I have never seen someone taken Thranduil and lower him so low, lay bear a side that both Thorin and Thranduil had never seen. But I am a bit confused. When does this take place? Because, many, many more dwarves survived the fall of Erebor. Are you just saying that only the company survived to fit your AU? That's fine it's that it, but I am a bit confused and just wanted to know.
4/23/2016 c4 H.TITAN
Great story!
I wish not all the thing Thranduil revealed abouy mirkwood is true... Somehow maybe he was fed with the news by orcs, I wish mirkwood somehow manage to survive!

And I wish thranduil also survive. Although I love him, I didn't like the way everyone else defied Thorin. I think he has the right to be angry with Thranduil.

Waiting for more chapters.
Good luck!
2/28/2016 c4 9AutumnLeaves03
This story is amazing! It's a awesome idea that you had and now it is being executed perfectly!
1/24/2016 c3 norma
Hi, although I am not logged-in, I do keep watch on some of those good, promising fics and that's how I found your update (chapter 2) on Archives of Our Own today. I remembered here you are up to chapter 3:) I became interested because the story is different than the usual we find on both sites, mainly because both main characters are now on opposite sides than they normally are.. I mean in this fic Thranduill is the one in a bad position and Thorin is the one who can help. By the way you ended this chapter, the idea was already there, still is... they take him to Rivendell! Let's see Elrond's and the other Elves' reaction when the Dwarves arrive there bearing Thranduill with them. Not to mention Thranduill's thoughts on Thorin's help because no matter how the other Dwarves felt about it, it is Thorin who makes the final decision.
I think you mentioned that he was in captivity for a long time, so perhaps the Rivendell Elves are aware of what had happened to Mirkwood and maybe they have news of Legolas (I hope for Thranduill's sake he survived) and some of the other Mirkwood Elves. Maybe Gandalf will be there too. Maybe all this time they had assumed Thranduill had died when they could not find any trace of him. Maybe now there'll be kinder thoughts by the Elves about Dwarves:)
So perhaps Thorin and Company will have some help when the time comes for him to reclaim Erebor:)
6/6/2015 c3 31morninsunshines
Good story, hope you finish it.
3/15/2015 c2 5BM originally
good to see a new chapter of this! (and trust me - it was fine! I didn't notice anything glaring that stood out grammarwise, so good to go there!) Though I have to admit - I had to go back to hte first chapter because I couldn't remember what story this was :)

I am enjoying this so far! You've given us a little more on the story - though I sincerely hope Thranduil is wrong and at least some of his people (not to mention his son, considering the important of him in the future...) managed to escape the apparent slaughter! I'm very interested in seeing where you go with this! Will Thranduil help them regain the Lonely Mountain? And will his presence there have a major affect on the gold sickness and the events that took place following?
3/15/2015 c2 Guest186
Love this, please update faster. :D
3/15/2015 c2 jaydeet
forgiveness is easier when the enemy has been reduced due to circumstances and hopefully thorin will come to realize it.
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