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4/3/2015 c5 24charleybec
I'm enjoying this story so much! I'm loving seeing this side of Elsa - so much fun to have her nice rather than nasty (although I do LOVE her nasty too). I loved the conversation between Maria and Elsa and I can't wait for Elsa to become Maria's fairy godmother! Great job!
4/3/2015 c5 1mvtfan
I am really enjoying this, seeing Elsa being kind and thoughtful, and having fun at it, no less!
4/3/2015 c5 2do-have-a-biscuit
This is very very nice. The way you write Elsa is exactly as I imagine she would do, if not her role in the movie. I like how she is not jealous and wants to help :) can't wait to see what you will do with the party :)
4/3/2015 c5 192Chelsea Oz
Very nice! I can't wait to hear your take on the party!
4/3/2015 c5 L0vERead1nG
I love this story!
4/3/2015 c5 Gracie'sMom
I just love this story! I love how you are writing Elsa, and I hope her plot works! I hope she and Max get to live happily ever after too... :-)
4/3/2015 c5 2som04
Fairy godmother. Lovely idea. Loving this story. Hope your back soon. :) :)
4/2/2015 c4 1sarahb2007
I'm loving this story. Please update soon
3/27/2015 c4 33augiesannie
Fabulous, once again, the way you turn the movie a bit on its head (Elsa feeling guilty after her offer to "help" Maria) and you know me, I'll never tire of the M&G interaction after the puppet show. I really liked the gentle way that E&G faced facts about their situation. I can't wait to see where you go with this!
3/24/2015 c4 24charleybec
This was just wonderful. Firstly seeing the puppet show scene from the movie and then I loved Elsa noticing Maria and Georg's interaction right after ("There're your children Captain"). I liked your take on Elsa's lines of "my dear is there anything you can't do", and "if you have any problems I'll be happy to help you". Then of course how Elsa notices the smouldering looks across the room between Georg and Maria.

But what I really loved about this chapter was the end part where you went out of the scenes of the movie, having Elsa and Georg argue about inviting Nazi's to the party (nod to the extra theme from the stage musical), and I loved how this is now in AU territory with Elsa and Georg breaking up before the party. You made Elsa very gracious with their break up which I liked. (Evil Elsa is fun, but Nice Elsa is great too!)

And the final scene with Elsa watching Maria and Georg together was just a perfect way to introduce the direction of where this story is going now (loved Georg putting the coat around Maria). Can't wait to read what you come up with next! Great job!
3/22/2015 c4 Guest
Fantastic scenario! Please keep it coming! Loved the intimate scenes that you created between Georg and Maria using the puppet show as an interest to bring them together. Also find it brilliant that we see the love blossoming between Maria and the captain through Elsa's POV. Well crafted writings. ! Thanks.
3/24/2015 c4 2patrickssong
No matter how many times this scene is written, there is always something new and wonderful to find. I love the way you have written this, especially from Elsa's point of view. We don't often get that.

The break up of Elsa and Georg was done wonderfully well. I like Elsa in this. She could force Georg into a marriage he doesn't want, but she listens to her heart instead of her social status. Really, really enjoying this story and I can't wait to see what she does to push Maria and Georg together.
3/21/2015 c4 Maria
Awe! I like her in this one! You're the best!
3/22/2015 c4 Gracie'sMom
Elsa certainly is a class act. Very well written! I'm enjoying this story tremendously!
3/21/2015 c4 2UnusualCliche
I am so happy I took the time to read this story. I have been pretty occupied by real life this year but I do miss reading these stories.
I think it's safe to say this one is becoming my favourite work of yours, I love to see Elsa be sensible enough to recognize their differences and not too stubborn in order to actually do something about it. I think Georg and Maria are the only couple that can make me feel butterflies just by a hand on the back. Or maybe it was your writing that did that. Yup, definitely the writing.
And I have to say every time I see this title, that song from Fiddler On The Roof starts to play in my head... Good thing I like it, right?

Thank you for this story,
I'll be back for more. ;)
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