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9/24/2021 c2 Guest

This is really good, pls update
4/19/2020 c2 Rennie3628
Can you plz update this? This story is SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPEEERRrr good.
11/3/2015 c1 NicoTheGhostKing
I really like how this story glad started out : ) Poor Will (and Nico). I laughed SO much at the fact that Annabeth's sword looked like a blue plastic hairbrush (BotL reference XD) Leo's so funny : D I wonder what was in that chocolate Nico gave him...
7/7/2015 c2 totallynotsuperman
Plz update
6/9/2015 c2 2gopercabeth11
You kill will I'll kill you.
6/9/2015 c2 7xA-MoTHx
loved it
6/8/2015 c2 9ZeroFoxGiven
Ok, how exactly did I miss this before? Lol I'm hopeless!
Lol anyway awesome work as always and I apologize for being completely oblivious xD
I've never read Percy Jackson but I do know Harry Potter so I understand some of it :P
Keep it up, your writing is awesome :)
*hugs* Nyxy
6/2/2015 c2 iloveunlcerick
Loved it
5/23/2015 c2 User0
This is good! Can you update soon?
5/21/2015 c2 1BelleSharp
Funny! I needs mores!
5/21/2015 c2 Cupcake Gal
Love this story so far! I like how you centered it during the time after lord Voldemort.

As for Leo's nicknames...McShizzle and Repair Boy!
5/20/2015 c2 45CatatonicVanity
I like this. It's very interesting. Not many stories like this set after the war against Voldemort.
5/20/2015 c2 MelodyDaughterOfHecate
Update please and good story so far
5/20/2015 c2 OhMyGodsRickRiordanStawp
keeeeeeeppppp ggggooooiiinnnggg ppplllzzzz tthhhisss iisss aa ggoooodd ssttoorryy
5/20/2015 c2 Lukas
Wait... I guess that works for Thalia and Jason.

Wasn't Leo called Repair Boy ?
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