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for RWBY: Enter the Lone Dragonborn

1h c104 Gaming Master Anthony
I’m kinda glad you didn’t use Clavicus vile because, if I’m not getting him mixed up with another daedric lord, he’s one of the worst and would never help a mortal, not without a whole lot of favors involved.
12h c104 2Draedon's Forge
Lovely chapter. Keep it up, my dude.
15h c104 9StrikeForceHeroeTeller
AND YOU DONE IT AGAIN! "lYou used a deadric lord FLAWLESSLY to justify a change of the timeline! I'm starting to believe that the deadric lords are getting jealous of you because of such manipulation skills in this story! Keep it up man!
15h c104 354godamora
This one was bit of a headache-inducing one but still enjoyable. A more bitter me, the one that is reserved for the canon of RWBY, would say that learning of Cinder's backstory is too little, too late to make me care about her.
15h c104 SPARTAN-626
Well I have to say this was very heavy and full of suspense for me. So much drama here and got to say I rather enjoyed it and very interesting with Cinder being more or less reborn in this new life of hers then in canon. And I loved how this turned out with her and her team finding answers and finding and talking to Rhodes and hope we see them talking again and the ending here was perfect for Cinder. It made her stronger and shes free from a burden of her past and she now has more strength for the battle to come. Also Im kinda hooping we see the gang uses her "real" Ella and even calling her Cinderella from time to time, and as for her real last name...Pffff hahahahahahaha! Oh God thats just pure gold and I dont blame the three on wanting different/original names then to use that! Hahahahaohh keep up the great humor man it adds so much to the story here and as well keep up the other great stuff with the story to the end
16h c104 4Jman241
Good job in putting cannon cinders backstory into the timeline of this story it was seamless and a good chapter
16h c104 24Rio Skyron
Okay that name, I feel I should at least have my persona react in the next reading chapter but be cryptic about it lol.
16h c104 3RonaldM40196867
The past always stays with us.
1/21 c103 6pedrofaria339
... It's Whitley, isn't it?
1/19 c103 Guest
Certain backstory in RWBY V8 have a connection to the Mysterio character. Is it May Marigold? Or the Madame family from the Glass Unicorn hotel?
1/17 c103 Guest
1/18 c103 Dasgun
. .
1/18 c103 2Draedon's Forge
Just thought you’d like to know that the word ‘Dragonborn’ in the summary is spelt wrong. Hope this helps.
1/17 c103 SPARTAN-626
Nice work as always and things are getting interesting with Mysterio and that they been facing robots, but who is the real one and why do this and what do the victims have in common other then besibes being complete assholes and living garbage? Nice to see Lopez with a new body and that Arthur and Weiss have a plan to take down that parasite
1/17 c103 3RonaldM40196867
Mysterio is an odd one.
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