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9/12/2016 c8 161KagamiPINKAgreste
OH MY CHERRY BLOSSOMS! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I havs read all 8 chapters. NaruSaku, ShikaIno & KibaHina are all perfect together. You did beautiful work putting this together. Naruto with Hinata NEVER made sense, he & Sakura were true from the beginning. I mean when they were 7 years old beginning. No one can try to convince me otherwise. ;-) Sasuke THAT FUCKER! I LOATHE HIM WITH ALL MY BEING! Sakura "falling" for him was doomed from the start. She ruins her sisterhood/friendship with Ino over a guy! Sisters before Misters!
8/22/2016 c8 4761394
good story
7/20/2016 c1 Guest
Thanks. Loving the logic
7/15/2016 c8 migros256
Dame good story!
6/23/2016 c1 Vamiliars5
This is my favorite Naru/Saku Story So far. I completely agree with Naru/Saku Being The Ultimate Power Couple. And I Completely agree with what you said on your (about me). I think N/H & S/S was just complete bullshit fan service.
6/17/2016 c3 Guardian of Valhalla
You should have wrote what was said in Naruto the last movie as a reason why that way or take a potshot at the company that made the scene but since you're worried about the story itself that's ok but I like what you did and said you won't be waiting fanfic Sally more thank you for the story I'm a fan of what I saw on the show and I did not see that in all those last movie previews or 669 or 668 so thank you for writing this and I'm sorry you're no longer be writing fanfic have a happy Fourth of July oh no spiking the fruit punch just kidding
6/15/2016 c4 itsoktocry
KibaHina=No you should have kept her single
5/28/2016 c8 Hollow Kurosaki88
Well the best story of narusaku ever..i really love how you wrote this story..its really make me feels happy for the ending..thnks you for creating this story..i hope you can create a story like this ever again
5/25/2016 c8 1Bread Crumbs21
What a great story. I too believe the ending of Naruto was atrocious; so thank you for putting together this masterpiece. One of my favorites!
5/2/2016 c8 3Ileelee
Hello. Is it too late for me to give one or two review here? Oh, never mind. I just wanna give you a big hug for writing this awesome NaruSaku fic. I've read chapter 700 but I never want to watch The Last movie. It absofuckinglutely sucked! And enough. We have the same thoughts about the end of Naruto after all and because of that really I wanna give you a BIG BIG BIG HUG! Thanks so very much for wrote this the most made sense ending I've ever imagined (really) after read that chap.700 from the deepest hell. One more, BIG HUG and LOVE for you!
4/29/2016 c8 Guest
Overall , a nice fanfic! Liked it , some elements were lacking and you could've worked more on characterization and elaborated the pairing more but I guess I'll have to be satisfied , which I'm I guess! So ja ne!
4/29/2016 c1 Guest
*Gai voice activated* Woohoo finally! Finally I found a narusaku affair fic worth reading! Guess this is my lucky day. On to next chapter now... Nice beggining BTW!
4/10/2016 c8 2Mike Kromer
Loved the ride wish there was more lol.
3/24/2016 c1 Angelz1251
I just wanted to say that how old are Bolt, Sarada, and Himawari
I got confused lol
3/21/2016 c8 2Otepbunni
I'm glad I'm not the only person who loathed the ending to the manga. This ending tied together the missing pieces very well! It was a great read, thank you!
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