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5/1 c9 Ann burnett
2/1/2016 c26 akline0418
12/16/2015 c26 RhondaL
Oh wow this was quite a wrap up and I enjoyed it thank you so much...this story has been wild and crazy but I am so happy it ended like it did thank you.
11/19/2015 c25 Foreverkee
Great wrap up but I would still love to see how the
Teller family turned out please!
11/19/2015 c12 sheshe073
Oh sugar-darling I could french-kiss you for Tara's declaration to Jax! The only thing that would've made it more brutal: "As I was rIding Juice's cock, Jax, your face was the only one I saw." GOOD FOR TARA! Now Jax can feel the pain.
11/19/2015 c2 sheshe073
I think the lifetime NOMAD-for-life is good for Juice; it will toughen him up. As for the attraction Tara has for Angie, JUST NO! Tara and Jax, Tara and Jax, Tara and Jax! I'm not saying that Jax should win her over easily, they are meant to be together! This story rocks.
11/19/2015 c1 sheshe073
You have have me extremely intrigued by your story; first and foremost, please reunite Tara and Jax! They are one of my fave OTPs. I'm loving the addition of the new Sons members. There is just one thing though; Tara needs a little more bitch in her; there is just no way that she should just let the Angie's just barge in her house like that! So far, I'm liking your story. Keep it up.
6/25/2015 c12 4DeathDagger
This story is hella confusing but I'm certain of two things...I dig Otto visiting Tara...and Psycho and Sharky are kinda awesome! Lol
6/6/2015 c24 HGRHfan35
Finally had time to read this on Sunday morning at 6.40 before getting up for work. Had to let most of my reading go for now but I knew I had to read this.

**Though they would love others, the Cortez trio loved each other that much more.*** Like I said, tough being lovers with siblings like that. And lucky for the Cortezzes that they found who they did. Not everyone would be happy like that.

Nora...mmm...weird character. Is she just that, a very perceptive stripper ir is she one of the assassins for the RIRA.
Did like Abel kinda standing up for Jax. Was that writtent for me? :)

Looking forward to more...the last one...
Have a great Sunday.
6/1/2015 c6 7Cole Ortiz
Liked the exchange between Althea and Lincoln Potter. He was an interesting character, glad to see him here and how you described him was just like on the show. I wonder how things will go down between Jax and Tara, if Jax is supposed to be the antagonist in this story or if he and Tara are supposed to get back together even though I suspect Tara is getting close to Jonas. You have a bunch of interesting fictional characters too.
5/23/2015 c2 Cole Ortiz
I'm glad that Chibs and ALthea are still together in your universe. Interesting new timeline for Juice too.
5/23/2015 c1 Cole Ortiz
This is a good first chapter! I like the premise since I was hoping for Jax to find redemption and have a happy ending in the real show. So what exactly is going on here? Tara killed Gemma in your timeline before this story started?
5/16/2015 c23 HGRHfan35
Great update!

***"No, Angelica. I'm serious. I'm thinking about how it's going to affect you. If you get too big for your britches, delusions of invincibility and grandeur can happen even to you. I know that's not what you are or what you subscribe to but it could happen. Besides, you might not be able to ride your motorcycle anymore.*** Very valid...train a little less rigid? And if all fails...go yo Rusty Coones' Illusion Cycles and get a custom bike build!

***Though they trusted them, the mystery of what transpired behind closed doors between the Cortez sisters and their brother still plagued their minds from time to time** Hehe...better not enter the bedroom while they are busy 'talking'.

***Angelo and Lara made their way up but not before hearing Angelica cry out Jonas's name and Angelina crying out Aries's name in the throes of ecstasy** Like a radion version of Porn? :)

***Nora leaned in and whispered into Josselyn's ear, "If my words have any power, your children will all have hair kissed by fire. None of them will be tarnished with gold or tainted with Teller eyes. My children will have hair shrouded in darkness like mine. The Teller line will die in your womb and in mine, dear sister." The slow kiss on Josselyn's ear, cheek and jawline was ominous and strangely arousing. It was hard to tell since Nora's eyes were hidden behind those dark shades. Josselyn loved her but sometimes her cousin frightened her.*** Very ominous. Think Nora met her match in Tom. :) I don't think all Teller were bad. With good guidance, Abel & Thomas turned out pretty well ;)

One more to go?
Have a great weekend
5/15/2015 c23 3Samantha Renk
I am glad to hear you have more to tell us cause I'm still wondering if Jax and Tara worked things out or what
5/15/2015 c23 44TellatrixForever
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
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