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for Operation: Kill Chris

2/27/2015 c1 Mughees
I loved how you started off because it's only Topher who'd be pathetic enough to not give up trying to be the host, he probably gives Chris a good laugh every once and a while. The whole shouting scene was also pretty hilarious. I love how you portrayed Samey, because it seems like that'd be the reality of the situation after she stood up for herself in Total Drama. Also, I could practically hear Amy shouting what she said.

It'd seem like Beardo to not agree because of the fact that I found Beardo to be a harmless character even at his elimination because I think he's the kind of person who'd learn from his mistakes considering the fact that he understood why his team eliminated him. So Topher still thinks that he's going to host a season? Lol. Also, I suppose that if it weren't for the whole staying clean thing then Dave would obviously help Topher kill Chris after he escaped. The show did do permanent damage to his brain.

Ella is irrelevant. Something that I don't understand about Jasmine though is that her confessional was stated to have happened in Africa so I don't understand exactly how Topher got there or if it was cartoon logic or you forgot? Never the less, the scene was funny. The thing about Leonard does was awesome and I suppose that it might not have been real considering that Leonard was probably just trying out some spell or something.

This has to be the first story where I've ended up laughing more than one time, you have to write more humour stories! That Max scene was totally hilarious and Max's mom also sounded pretty typical and wild. I wonder why Samey wouldn't want an excuse to get away from her sister? Their bickering is pretty funny and it's ironic how Samey still ended up opening the door both times.

The Scarlett bit was very interesting and all, it'd seem like Scarlett was the one who'd actually have made the calculations that Topher was going to try and find her, which is why she managed to escape from whatever prison she went to, and contacted him. I mean why would she not do it? She was ready to kill the six contestants left anyways.

I love the portrayal that you gave of Shawn's house considering the fact that we never got to see his audition tape and Sky's part was extremely funny due to the fact that I always imagined that Sky would be the gay one in the show itself, but I get where she's coming from. But I suppose that Rodney would probably not have accepted anyways. I loved the Sugar bit too, it seems like her to have Izzy like tendencies and I loved the mention of her ability to host a show.

Overall, I have nothing bad to say about this because it was a true hilarious fic and I hope to read more soon!
2/20/2015 c1 The Abysswalker
Holy Crap! This is freaking gold right now. I love the current continuity for some of them, such as Dave. I like the way you portrayed Max's mom. I'm not entirely sure how to respond to what Leonard was doing. Shawn's encounter was probably my second favorite, first being Dave. I can't wait to see how the cat will play into this.

The author note made me wonder, have you read "To The Toph" by Lowland Warrior. It's pretty good and doesn't seem aimed to pairing him up with anyone. Just throwing it out there. Till next time.
2/20/2015 c1 32Applauze
This was a very good oneshot, Sam. I enjoyed it and I was very pleased with it. It's not everyday that twoshots like these are made. I enjoyed the idea, the plot was perfect and I love the idea that some of the characters, such as Sugar and Scarlett, is joining him to kill Chris.

'a snowball's chance in hell...' I'm laughing so hard from that line right now. XD

Can't wait to see what happens with this next.

2/19/2015 c1 30Linkonpark100
I'm having Robot Chicken flashbacks.
2/19/2015 c1 PKRS
oh my god yes

2/19/2015 c1 161SideshowJazz1
This is so far hilarious! I can't wait for you to continue!
2/19/2015 c1 10Foreseer44

Just... Wow...

In the span of... 3,976 words, you've managed to make TOPHER awesome. Seriously. You could touch any character and make them amazing... and that sounded wrong. :

Ok. First off, Topher is hilarious. He's vile, shitty, and in character, as well as far superior to that bag of crap in canon. Can I call this Topher canon? Yeah, that sounds good.

I loved all the cameos, but I was hoping that people from earlier seasons would show up. Oh well, at least you made up for it by giving Sugar a main role. She's always a blast to write and to read if she's used for comedy and not... shipping... ugh. I only see her with Owen, and only because they're basically genderswaps with different attitudes. But still, she's my favorite PI camper, and you've written her perfectly.

Amy and Samey were great and actually showed development on the latter's part.

Beardo was awesome, but could've spoken a couple lines too.

Leonard... ugh. Still hate him, but he could be funny. I just hate his voice and can't stand to hear it while I read.

Jasmine: Sweet!

Shawn: Hell to the yes!

Max was typical Max. You've written him so much that his character is tired, but still amusing.

Scarlett was cool and badass.

Rodney and Ella... didn't do anything. Not that I care. :)

Dave was okay, and Sky was pointless, bland, and boring... just like in the show! :D

And that cat... obviously NOT an important part of the story! ;)

Awesome job. It sucks that this thing is only two chapters, because this plot has so much potential, but you already have a large multi-chapter story in the works, so I understand why this is so short. Continue to be awesome!
2/19/2015 c1 ProfessorSmooth
This was actually really good! :D

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