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for TimberManes and Hagar's Bane

5/5 c8 13razer14
Please update your story
1/19/2018 c8 Owen Kendall
Great story can’t wait for the next update
1/4/2018 c7 Guest
go to
7/18/2017 c8 23Blitza
You should have let me proof it
7/12/2017 c8 Maximumbaby18
I am so glad your back I love this story!
3/19/2017 c7 Maximumbaby18
You can watch it on Kisscartoon
2/19/2017 c7 1brittanyrhoden169
you should continue with the story
1/27/2017 c7 1Athena-daughter-dream
It's ok. The last time I saw it was when they moved it to the kids acount that my family has set up for my cousins.
12/5/2016 c7 ComeFightMe
You can watch the series on . It might work less well if you watch it on mobile, but on computer it works fine.
I can help, but I don't have a account on , but my usernames ComeFightMe on AO3.
12/7/2016 c7 6Samiam2468
If you go to watchcartoonsonline you can watcg voltron there.
12/5/2016 c7 Dragonslayerajah
Theres a websit you can go to see the show for Free is called Watchcartoonsonline. Io
12/6/2016 c7 65RedDragonforce 1
WHOA! Don't give up yet! I have an alternate solution!
Provided you have the latest update for a certain video watcher, or a mobile device, I have an alternate website for you to utilize that's free and the episodes won't be removed any time soon!
is a website that hold thousands of anime/cartoons and nearly all episodes of those anime/cartoons up to date. Look it up, go into cartoons (since this is American made and as such considered a cartoon), and go to the 'V' section. Voltron Force should be RIGHT there and you can watch the episodes to your hearts content and then some!
Mobile viewing is in case your computer asks you to update something and still doesn't work afterwards. Mobiles won't need to ask you about it (at least that's how it is for me).
This can help you get back into writing faster than playing PM tag with readers. This doesn't stop you from getting a Beta or something similar, this will just allow you direct access to the episodes once more!
You are welcome!
12/6/2016 c7 6MistraltheSkelegirl
I understand, I was ticked when they took the series off to replace it with the new one. The new one is pretty good, though, especially regrading Pidge.
12/5/2016 c7 1Bunnibutch
The voltron on dvd instead.
7/21/2016 c6 Maximumbaby18
I really hope u update soon
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