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9/12/2017 c29 5Dark Neko 4000
What will happen next time?
8/25/2017 c29 2truelovealwaysandforever
Holy Gee Batman! *chuckles* I absolutely love this fic! I don't usually read fics this long unless they're already completed, but your fic drew me in in a snap...
Not sure if you've noticed or not, it may have been mentioned in an author's note that I missed, but most of the fic you have the Sheriff as John and then towards the end he's Noah.
Looking forward to reading more!
8/13/2017 c10 Guest
I love the Supernatural reference. With my sister I'm the jerk and she's the bitch
7/12/2017 c29 Renn26
Hey please write more! This is amazing and I beg please don't let anyone die please don't let Aiden die please don't let Allison die I just don't want anyone to die. Are ou going to do season 6? If you are I can't wait to see Derek trying to remember Stiles :) I hope you write more :)
7/11/2017 c8 2Red wolfs
Yes, here in America crisps are chips. Don't you just love the differences between American-English and English-English.
7/3/2017 c23 5i heart diabetics
Omg, all the references in the names!
6/23/2017 c29 Belieber Twihard
please continue
6/8/2017 c12 1ob1292
There is a plethora of reasons to apologize, the only reason that a parent should turn their back on their child has committed an unspeakable crime, Child Molestation as an example.
6/7/2017 c29 13XxZessxX
I'm super happy that you are back with updates for us :D
When they were at the Nemeton and stile stared at that fly for five minutes straight I was really concerned (some might call it scared) about the pack having to deal with Void Stiles and the Nogitsune . After everything they just went through they earned a break but maybe with the pack being connected to the Nemeton and all the other changes and the strong pack Void Stiles won't happen or it won't be as bad *hoping*
I am curious how Kira will fit into the pack. I love how akward and nerdy she is at first.
Scott confronting his father was great. Rafael is not my favourite person either. Melissa is truly better off without him, but I kind of love how overwhelmed he is with all the supernatural stuff and how he tries not to show that xD Imagine how akward an official first meeting with the whole pack would be or Scott introducing his mates, Allison the future matriarch of a whole hunter clan and Isaac the werwolf xD I love to see Rafael squirm and struggle a bit.
It's nice that they could hel Malia. I did not like Malia at first in the series, now i'm ok with her, I probably just had a problem with her and Stiles' relationship to be honest xD I liked when Malia asked the pack for help and they all tutored her.
I'ts also nice to see that Peter is getting into the pack. I like Peter, I loved him in Season 6a. So his getting a pack back is amazing.
Also, I'm glad that Derek apparently was able to break through that blockage and Access his Alpha side again. I imagine being the Alpha, a True Alpha at that, and not being able to access his Alpha side must feel strange and not right and incomplete somehow.
I love how strong the pack his. I also loved it when Jackson and Isaac called Stiles Mum (just like I love it when they call Derek 'Dad') :) I really like it when you hint at their dynamic that way, how Derek and Stiles are the Alpha couple and like parents for the pack sometimes.
I'm probably talking way too much xD But I'm really happy to see this story coming back.
I hope Stiles, Lydia and Allison won't get into any Trouble. Looking forward to reading more.
6/5/2017 c29 clawson92647
*gasping Noise* Can't breath ...nneed...t. .n. ... ..ter.
6/5/2017 c29 15white collar black wolf
Liked it
4/22/2017 c12 37The Third Biker Scholar
wow! things are moving right along, and I can't wait to read the rest!
4/12/2017 c7 WaterLillyYT
I really love this story! Good job author-Chan! (_)
4/12/2017 c17 fanficjen2005
Peter: I'm the alpha. I'VE ALWAYS BEEN THE ALPHA!

Great chapter though X
4/3/2017 c17 Mhmm
I have come to terms that this story is dead but I hope someone will pick it up its really great
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