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4/6/2016 c12 61Ihsan997
Geography an geology galore! I like the changes in climate described as well as the hint to the inaccuracies of projected maps. Added to the Warcraft ness of the jolts through Sara's feet due to power and it makes Azeroth feel much more real.

Thr cult...what are they thinking? Don't these people learn lessons, or are they just dumb? I'm also still worried about Fardol and even Maria...what will they make of Sara after this?
4/5/2016 c11 Ihsan997
Oh snap I knew it! I had a feeling that Fardol would suspect Sara was not someone to be trusted. To be fair, from his perspective, she can't be...Sara has a lot of telltale signs that would perturb an old dwarven paladin.

Things are about to get serious...at least, that's the impression that I get. I'm actually still not worried about the cultists because they seem like typical brainless zealots. And this Legion invasion...is it tied to the CdW/Full Circle timeline? Obviously this happens in between the time skips of Full Circle, but are the stories in the same continuum/universe?
4/5/2016 c26 Guest
Good stuff, I like the way things are progressing. So now her Guild is like an unknowing quasi-Shadow Council, lol. Shoulda wrapped the succubus up in shadow tendrils Sara, ripped off the necklace then ripped her mind apart for information. Shouldn't have let her get away since now they know they can get around her mind magic. It would be funny if the succubus coming back around was a recurring thing, well at least until Sara annihilated her.
4/5/2016 c10 Ihsan997
Should she be that surprised about Leira? I mean, Maria was from their village too and ended up being Sara's roommate for a few years, plus she signed up for the trip. Being involved in the cult would have been...weird. But Azeroth is a weird place, right?

Anyway it's good that she's there. Fardol, though...whay reason does he have to trust Sara? He's very nice, but if he's old then he might be wary and conceal his true feelings and if he's young he might be zealous enough to blame her. Might. I've only seen him in this chapter, but I'm more worried about him than the incompetent cultists.
4/5/2016 c26 zachary2
Very nice confliction of emotions there. Very vivid imagery and just the right amount of speech. Awesome job as always and I'm glad you wrote from a Female Protagonist's viewpoint, not enough of them now, GJ!
4/5/2016 c26 Guest
ULTIMATE POWER! hehe n8ce chapter btw lovr it )
4/4/2016 c26 1399
This was a great chapter! So if I am reading this right could Sara become as powerful as her old self with some time?
4/4/2016 c9 Ihsan997
The academic nature of this story has me fascinated for numerous reasons, especially the realism - all the way down to the internal politics over funding (ugh...so much bitterness on a personal level). Sara is also the type of person who would survive all that.

The characterization...I know I use that word too much, but wow. When she started crying and whimpering I was like "ermmm...idk about this" but then she pwned his ass and I was like "that's the real Sara!" Job well done, you fooled me just like she fooled that...fool?

P.S. i didn't forget about Amanthe and Ian, just trying to brainstorm the scene!
4/4/2016 c8 Ihsan997
Aaaawwwwww yeeeeaaaaahhh

Doin a dance

Unh unh

You made my day times a bajillion. For a while I was wagging my finger when she manipulated the archmage...it's great characterization by the way, because I wasn't surprised, but I was still think "no Sara, no! Bad!" But then the end came and I was all like :D

I also see a lot of interesting...realisms, so to speak. I noticed how realistic the exam is, as well as campus politics, and then when you wrote that the axes were on graph paper I grinned. Top notch writing, man.
4/3/2016 c7 Ihsan997
I get this uneasy feeling where I'm attached to Sara as a person, but also get this inkling that maybe there's a darkness to her that will grow...which would still be fascinating to read. But I halfway expected to see some tragedy where she kills Leira and makes her dance when they were small children. Maybe I'm just being paranoid due to the date of her conception.

She seems to be doing quite well for herself, but I'm shocked that she's in the losers' bracket given the fact that shes naturally gifted, has practiced since childhood, has a good memory and is crazy powerful. Is she focusing more on earning monies than practicing her combat skills? Or was she truly bested by someone who had a better day?
4/3/2016 c6 Ihsan997
Well it's nice to see a familiar face, and that she arrived alright - this potentially could have been worse since she had a limited amount of money.

I like the realism here - a horseback ride across Ellwynd takes a week, there are numerous little podunk towns in between...the game world is way too small, and there aren't enough farmers to sustain the population. This is more like a real world, especially with Leira going away to become a squire (hopefullt finished by now) and Sara just has to leave to study, and there are no phones so her parents must wait however long it takes for her letters to arrive. Life was hard even if it was normal to them.

She's where she can learn now, and I'm guessing that since she's 18, we'd be about...what, 15 years ahead of the current game timeline?
4/3/2016 c5 Ihsan997
Leaving or saying goodbye to childhood friends is tough. For Sara in particular, maybe it won't hurt as badly due to her independence? She'll miss Leira but she seems able to tough it out, especially as her powers grow.

That's another thing to worry about. She's quite powerful at the age of 12 while simply trying to entertain herself and sate her curiosity. What happens later...I keep worrying that the whole time here.
4/2/2016 c4 Ihsan997
I'm worried...the scene with the squirrel and raccoon was funny, though ominous (plus raccoons are violent little bastards - she's lucky it didn't sneak up on her). She has a gift and was having fun, but what happens when she turns that on another kid?

Her parents have me frowning, too. It's an accurate characterization on your part but I get strong opinions about this, being a parent. If they're even considering to send her to the academy at all, then why are they going to punish her? Promising her rewards for *not* showing her magic off would be more sensitive. Most parents probably don't do things that way because it's easier to just dish out punishments, but now I feel sad for little Sara.
4/2/2016 c3 Ihsan997
This was cute in a lot of ways: Sara is obviously a sheltered girl so this is a big learning experience for her. She's also a bit antisocial, though maybe that's because she's an only child?

Anyway, this also makes me worried...eventually...won't she try to make her classmates dance with her magic?
4/2/2016 c2 Ihsan997
Oh...my...Sara is obviously gifted, but her parents don't seem to enjoy her gift that much. That magic...is it necromancy?

This is an old god themed story, and her dad appears to be trying to live a normal, civilian life after the "death" of the death god...I'm almost afraid if what will happen to this poor girl.
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