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for Death Never Dies

11/14/2016 c21 Guest
So, is she like literally Yogg, or just like a sort of psuedo fragment thing?
11/14/2016 c14 Guest
Yes! Great story still, I'm just glad Sara isn't turning into some Mary Sue.
11/13/2016 c9 Guest
I really don't like her.
9/23/2016 c40 Reaper
Your story is amazing and interesting also very original I'm looking forward to your next one anyway on my list your story is second only to little frisks/Luthineas story Aliens vs Predator: anew home if you have the time I recommend you to read it
8/30/2016 c40 8Missing Middle
Is Nathan the reincarnation of Tsa'Thannon? And the cycle continues?

Poor old Yoggy/Sara, destined to be forever bored and lonely.
8/30/2016 c39 Missing Middle
Gotta love Leira's guts. She lays everything out there.
I'm feeling a little sorry for Sara now.
Excellent work again! It's near the end, but your writing seems to be getting even better.
8/30/2016 c38 Missing Middle
Another blockbuster-movie-like chapter. I'm amazed at the range and precision of your vocabulary. Also, great job in portraying the character of Yogg-Saron, I find his (its?) personality really complex and interesting.
8/30/2016 c40 R. Moonstalker
aaaand it's over!

Hi, coincidencless! I think this would be my first review on your works (I think?), so I'd just like to say thank you very much for all of them, including 'Coup de What?' and 'Full Circle', which were just as good as 'Death Never Dies' was. I recently worked back through Coup de What and found it just as enjoyable as the first time I had read it, and I'm sure I'll be going back through Full Circle soon as well.

Thank you very much for your writings! I actually haven't played much of World of Warcraft (three months a few years ago on a friend's old account xd) or the original Warcraft series, so most of my lore knowledge is based on the most canon source known to man, Hearthstone. If you've played anytime recently or seen vods, comparing Yogg'Saron as represented in Hearthstone to Yogg'Saron/Sara/Sarastrasza has been a remarkably amusing way to pass the time.

I can't wait to see what the future has in store for you. Thank you once again and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week! :]
8/29/2016 c40 61Ihsan997
This was probably the most realistic, most mature way for such a story to end. To simple erase Tsa'Thannon would have felt cruel and pointless, especially becausr Yogg-Saron was still an Old God no matter what. Plus, you once again wrote an epic tale in which you literally reshape all of Azeroth in such an original way (and kudos on the very exact chapter count). This was freakin awesome.

Would it be accurate to say that this 'book,' like the Selriona one, has been firmly shut?
8/29/2016 c40 zachary2
That, was a masterful ending. Couldn't have ended it better! Congrats on finishing.
8/29/2016 c40 Ducksworth
Superb! I absolutely loved it! Congratulations on finishing your story. It definetly felt unique reading the story from a child's POV initially, and i got a gave a nice "click" of realization once the last chapter hit. Anyhow, good story!
8/29/2016 c40 Ang
Well, it was one of the best story I ever read on FFnet. I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot for your work !
8/29/2016 c40 6Sacchin
Ahahaha! Nice! She literally sets her friend on the same track she went through; thus guaranteeing that he will understand her actions from before, while also helping him along the way to ensure that he gets maximum enjoyment out of this haha. Nice.
8/29/2016 c40 1399
This was a great story to read. Thank you writing it.
8/29/2016 c40 3tmd126
I have to say, although I enjoyed the series for the most part. The ending was incredibly frustrating and unfulfilling. If that was your intention, good job. My complaints are not about your writing style or any mistakes in a meta sense so much as with the characters themselves and how they behaved, so, again, if my complaints end up being things you did intentionally, good job for evoking those feelings. Regardless, on with my last thoughts for the series.

For being an old god, yogg-"sara"on is incredibly stupid. She's purposelessly petty in a self destructive way, acting against her own purported interests time and again for temporary gain. She lacks any modicum of self control, and flits between desires and viewpoints with a speed that would make some politicians dizzy. Actions having consequences is something she, as a youth and even before becoming omnipotent, seemed to understand quite well. And yet, as soon as she ascends she suddenly comes to the conclusion that they no longer do. It was said that she laid no traps to alter her personality within that body, so I suppose her treating her oaths like nothing more than wet tissue came from her. It would have been ridiculously easy for her to avoid angering the entire mortal races of azeroth, had she merely actually tried. The kingslayers could have been dealt with nonlethally as well. Assuming she had the power to cast "extinguish all life", and with the power and mastery over Magic she clearly has, it should have been child's play to change it to "knock all life out for a little while while I kill demons". From there, shifting the body of yogg saron under the earth to ensure it emerges in places that aren't inhabited would be equally simple. Gain the required energy from the scourge if they still exist, or barring that, blood elven wretched, nightborne withered, leper gnomes, kobolds or indigenous wildlife to avoid angering people with undue death. That would have given her a strong case to argue that she has, in fact, not killed any one but demons, and perhaps convince the mortal races to not try to futilely kill her.

Now, ignoring the above even, her arrogance when dealing with someone she repeatedly insists is her "fellow" is beyond staggering. Upon realizing that they have lost some of their spark without the other three, she immediately comes to the conclusion that the only reasonable thing to do is to kill him. Because clearly someone she insists sees as she does would never empathize with wanting something more exciting to happen. And later on he even says that he knows it's not the same without the others, and instead of even suggesting her plan to him, she continues trying to kill him, assuming he could never see as she does in spite of her repeated insistence that he was the only one who could.

Her actions do not constitute an omnipotent chaotic god to me. They show a spoilt, selfish child who never plans ahead and somehow continues to get her way. And even at the end she seems to believe she is above consequences. Tsa'thannon will not be pleased with you when he returns, Sara.

In conclusion, her legacy seems to be one of betrayal and selfishness. Everyone she ever claimed to care for she hurt for her own greed. Everything she claimed to love she brought to ruin of her own accord. And it seems so easy to avoid that it frustrates me. So many places along her journey she could have chosen the long term path. And yet time and again she behaves with reprehensible childishness. So, again, if that was your intent for the character, good job with all sincerity. I don't regret reading this. I enjoyed it. But in the end, it was frustrating to me. I hope you'll continue writing. I really love your work especially in warcraft.
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