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8/28/2016 c39 zachary2
Quite a sad ending, if it is one. Very good writing again. Heart-wrenching.
8/27/2016 c39 61Ihsan997
You need to write hard sci-fi, seriously. The amount of world building in the new Azeroth is more than what Blizzard out into canon Azeroth. Even when it comes down to environments self-correcting into a logical system over time, this was all awesome and easy to swallow.

That being said...what was Sara thinking at the end there? That there's always the possibility...of...returning...nevermind, but you know? This is a great way to wind down either way. Once again, you took an existing fandom and ran with it until it grew into something greater.
8/27/2016 c39 6Sacchin
Aww... Sara's reunion didn't go as well as she wanted. I also like that Drake name of her's very clever haha. Well... Sara's technically alone again. I mean the reason she raised Tsa'Thannon was to have someone to talk to, and now Leira's out. The possibilities and choices she can do are simply fun and interesting to think about, cause she can simply say nope and just destroy everyting or something.
8/27/2016 c39 5Shinkicker
Aww. How sad, understandable, but sad.
8/27/2016 c39 hekatt
Tooj a break to let you writw a few chs so i coukd binge. So far pretty awesome i kinda wish u woukd cintinue on in the same universe but that unrealistic. ... oh well amazing work cant wait for next update!
8/27/2016 c39 Serithus
Sarastraza lol, that's funny. Sad to see her like that though. Sarah only had good intentions until everything went to shit, and even then she tried her best to fix things. But then again yeah how come she didn't try and help restore Azeroth? (Aside from helping with crops and stuff) or is that beyond her? Or is she ashamed of what she did?
8/27/2016 c39 1399
This was really sad. I know that Leira just saw the entire world get tortured so her forgiving Sara was never going to happen but I still had hope that there would be a happy ending. Great chapter!
8/24/2016 c38 61Ihsan997
I don't even think that Michael Bay could accurately depict the intergalactic battle here. And he certainly couldn't capture the internal portion - I actually found myself feeling sorry for Tsa'Thannon.

Imagine that - they ripped the world apart and I still felt sad for it. That's power right there.

And now we find Leira in a post-apocalyptic-but-not-so-bad scenario that reminds me of Evangelion's non-crappy ending. Despite the cosmic horror that occured, this is one of the few times where I'm left with an optimistic feeling.
8/23/2016 c38 Guest
That was one of the saddest fights I have ever read. Poor Tsa'Thannon.
8/23/2016 c38 6Sacchin
Oh my. I have a feeling Yogg-Saron did something to Tsa'Thannon there. I admit that I am really curious as to what happened to Tsa'Thannon, like what choice did Yogg-Saron make. That ending was just perfect, it left me hanging and wanting more.
8/23/2016 c38 5Shinkicker
No bad, not bad. Long battle. I'm curious what she brought she rebuilt cities or if she just brought all the people back and gave them the resources to do whatever. Was hoping for Leira and Sara to talk again, so I suspect that's coming. Yogg just dropped into another plane right?
8/23/2016 c38 Ocu
Ah, such a good surprise :3

That was quite the fight, took a while and the progression was pretty great, just showed how immensely powerful the two were. It's a shame Tsa had to go, and I hope this isn't the last of Sara/Yogg's PoV we'll see, although it definitely feels like we're reaching closure. :P

Can't say I'm not happy to see Leira back as well :)
8/23/2016 c38 1399
Great chapter! Hope that Leira meets Sara/Yogg-Saron in this new world.
8/23/2016 c38 Serithus
And she's left to deal with the ashes of everything... Damn. Sargeras himself couldn't have done a better job of bringing everything to shit lol
8/23/2016 c38 diabolicaladdiction
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