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8/23/2016 c38 zachary2
Huh, interesting chapter, though poor Tsa'Thannon, very good portrayal of him in a maddened state.
8/22/2016 c38 Gywn Lord of Cinder
Hope the two of them reunite. Sera and Leira that is.
8/1/2016 c37 MrSunbro
This story is quite amazing. Reading all the chapters has been extremely interesting: We see the view from the "other" side instead of calling yogg a bad guy
7/27/2016 c37 8Missing Middle
"Rape, murder, torture. You all consider those pretty much the main evils. We don't. Stagnation, predictability, being ruled over. Those are our hatreds."

Very thought-provoking chapter.
It is refreshing to hear an Old God's perspective of morality and idea of happiness, instead of the usual 'good vs evil'. It's also interesting (and creepy) how, despite being a god, Yogg-Saron seems so human in some ways. One wonders if humans would behave in the same way given that amount of power...

So does this mean another epic battle is coming up?
7/27/2016 c37 Guest
Well, this isnt gonna end well.
7/27/2016 c37 61Ihsan997
Fardol is so great even when he's insolent and uppity. His moral streak also seens sufficiently stronger than his dogmatic bias to make Yogg Saron choosing him as a neutral observer a good choice.

We saw a glorious destruction with the one sided battle of a freed old god against all of Azeroth, the Legion and four aspects. But this new development...this will actually be a real battle, it seems. I don't even know if Yogg Saron will be able to pull it off.

As an aside, wouldn't switching part of the crust with the mantle disrupt the carbon cycle since tectonic and volcanic activity are important components of that? Do faceless breathe air?
7/26/2016 c37 Reznov
So Yogg Saron and Tsa'Thannon have different ideas, this should make for an interesting conclusion. Can't wait for the next chapter. Keep up with the good stuff.
7/25/2016 c37 12Kaoupa
I actually sort of hope Sara reasons with Tsa'Thannon, or something. It might be interesting to see them both watching the world.

I think there's actually a few quotes for stuff like what Sara's going through, also...

Thanos of Titan: "Who could have guessed that becoming God would prove to be such a hollow victory?"

Mai, from Avatar: The Last Airbender: "Victory... is boring."
7/25/2016 c37 Ocu
Holy shit I loved this one with all the thinking and talking ! :)

Really made me think about the possibilities Sara/Yogg now has, and I'm a bit surprised our two Oldies couldn't find a way to have fun while not fighting to the death, like exploring other planets, or making a world-without-them simulation and fucking things up from inside.

You've got my curiosity once again :P
7/25/2016 c37 zachary2
Oh no, poor Tsa'Thannon, no reasoning out I guess?
7/25/2016 c37 1399
Boredom is the death of all.
Great chapter!
7/25/2016 c36 Guest
Where is this going... What happened to higris? Can't wait for next chapter!
7/18/2016 c36 Ocu
It's interesting how after all the randomness Yogg decides to simply stargaze, like 'I could destroy continents, torture a few thousands people for eternity or chill under the stars, yeah that's a new one let's go with that.'

I'm also a bit surprised a group of survivors actually managed to somewhat succeed, at least initially, with their operation, not that it achieved much.

I'm also quite curious where you'll be taking this unsatifaction, maybe old Yogg needs to find love? :P
7/18/2016 c36 61Ihsan997
Writing this with one hand while fighting for French fries with the other.

So here it is...a deity in denial. Does Yoggy know deep down inside that it's lying to itself? That if it's having doubts after mere months, it will truly be insane after a few centuries?

Or maybe that was always its state before the war against the Titans...absolute madness from omnipotent-style boredom?

The Chrome flight is still out there...will they be able to fight the bad acid trip/episode of Superjail come to life?
7/17/2016 c36 8Missing Middle
So Yogg-Saron is having an existential crisis? lol.

Well, this was kind of depressing, but not unbelievable. Totally in character for an evil Old God, I guess. Powerful, yet childish and flawed.

What if God was one of us? Interesting thought. I’m atheist, but I can entertain this idea.

Red snow, vomit turning to red wine… Commended for creativity!

I’m assuming this is the end, but if it isn’t, I’m still going to leave my thoughts here in case I forget and I hope FF net doesn’t cut me off halfway. Sorry if I sound rambly!

So first off I must say I agree with the other reviewers that this is an awesome story.
In terms of writing and your grasp of the language, yours is clearly up there with the best. Solid grammar and spelling, tons of original figurative and descriptive language, many moments of eyebrow-raising imagination. Everything is fleshed out in vivid and loving detail – the various lands and their inhabitants, mechanics of her magic, and of course, all the mind-blowing action. The story flows well and logically, with a gripping and forceful tone perfect for the premise and your anti-hero protagonist. Sara as a creepy little pre-schooler, young sorceress, full-blown Yogg-Saron are all portrayed convincingly.

It’s just a pity that Sara being who she is (an Old God in the form of a twisted, controlling, b***h) makes it difficult for me to care about what happens to her throughout, whether she gets hurt, betrayed or thwarted. I looked forward to seeing Yogg-Saron burst out of her, as did everyone else, but more as a detached spectator. As another reviewer puts it, it’s like you can see there’s a train-wreck coming but I can’t turn away... but it doesn't matter because nobody I know is on the train. Neither did I care much about Leira or her parents. Perhaps, if they had more scenes or were generally more likeable, the sense of loss and regret at the end would have been greater. Well, just my personal feelings.

That said, I really appreciate the boldness and uniqueness of this story and I have the utmost respect for you as an author.
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