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7/17/2016 c36 9Morgan d'Arc
I have to say I dislike where the story is going. I thought this would be a redemption fic for Yogg'Saron, a way to make it so the old gods take human forms and fight against the legion again or something but instead you one shoted the entire plot of the legion, then have Sara damn the entire world, or if the plot is going where I think it is, use her power to reset everything she has done because she regrets her actions.

I still enjoy the story just not as much as I used to when I could not see where the plot was heading so clearly. This is not a flame or anything I just wonder if there are any plot twists left in the story or just a slow grind to the end.
7/17/2016 c1 Whitmore
*With a horse mask and a dress* I love it
7/17/2016 c36 5Shinkicker
Well, Yoggy, now that your have everything, you also have nothing. A hollow existence, no struggle or goal. Time for a bit of a heel-face-turn?
7/17/2016 c36 hekatt
meh if i was i her spot i would leave a nature preserve so to speak so that the races dont go extinct. then make up games and use thw mprtals a a random factor so to speak k sorta like the dice in a board game.
7/16/2016 c36 1399
I really want Sara talks to Leira! Great chapter!
7/16/2016 c36 zachary2
Still continuing, impressive. Yogg-Saron's thought patterns are quite interesting. GJ
7/14/2016 c35 8Missing Middle
Not really torture porn, more like god-fantasy (I don't know what to call it...)?

Gah, that drowning thing again. I HATE YOU

The ending surprised me. I didn't expect Yogg-Saron to have a shred of self-doubt. But then, I knew you wouldn't disappoint.

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter, to see how you'll wrap this up.
7/11/2016 c35 that one guy
Everyone is commenting on the next chapter, a chapter I have been waiting ages for and apparently does not exist!

Great fanfic though
7/10/2016 c34 Missing Middle
This should totally be made into a movie. Yours is one of the most ambitious stories I’ve ever read, and you’ve not let me down.
7/10/2016 c33 Missing Middle
Oh yes, this is the real climax.
I really liked that last bit, gives a sense of the magnitude of it all.
7/10/2016 c31 Missing Middle
Great depiction of internal conflict and Sara’s descent into madness. It was nice to see the soft (human) side of Sara here. Going back to her parents was a welcome breather from all that fighting.

Uh, so she’s finally snapped. Go Sara !
7/10/2016 c30 Missing Middle
Epic battle after building all that tension, makes me want to play World of Warcraft right now. As usual the level of detail is astounding.
But wait, I have a question. Sara fought in her human form...so where had the tentacles come from? How does that work?
6/28/2016 c35 zachary2
Good stuff, I'm now wondering how the story will end, it's been a good trip.
6/28/2016 c35 Ocu
Man you're on a roll, and you won't find me complaining :3

So that's what you mean by "a lot happening", got it o.o

This is going in a completely different way than the rest of the story and with a different pace and feel, really breaking out of all the restrictions that Sara's had imposed in the rest of the story, well done with that, it slightly feels like I'm transitioning in an other story :P
Really liked all the thinking from Yogg's PoV and the hesitations/thoughts that echo the temptations that Sara have had throughout the time when she was aware of her origins. :)

I have to say I'm curious to see what you're planning to do next, I'm thinking Time, Titans or self magic stuff with what has happened so far.

(also don't leave Leira in her pocket dimension for too long or she's going to be fucking buff from endless training and accidentally break everything :P )
6/27/2016 c35 61Ihsan997
Torture? You've corrupted this reader so thoroughly that I was reading about what the minions did to the mortals and was like...yeah, that's morally wrong, but Azeroth isn't real so it's actually AWESOME. An old god protagonist...seriously, I'm grinning like an idiot right now. It's so evil but such a story is rare, at least in this fandom.

On a serious note...my theory is that you really weren't joking when you mentioned that Sara's consciousness us still in there. The old god itself has been corrupted by humanity, a being whose mind isn't designed to be eternal, immortal and interested in the same old sparring matches and torture of mortals day-in, day-out.

I don't know what to compare this to aside from weird, philosophical anime of Japanese writers wondering a hundred what ifs; this is basically a deity tasting mortality and feeling forever changed and sullied like a victim of assault. This is Ghost in the Shell level of creativity, not torture.
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