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6/27/2016 c35 5Shinkicker
Hmm, curious what is left. For mortals and stuff this is bad end up to eleven, good end for the OGs. But seems Yoggy is having a moment of mortality. Shits fucked either way so friendship without massive mind rape is out I guess, unless she restores things, but that means fighting with TT I guess.
6/25/2016 c34 61Ihsan997

Seaking, fuck yeah...I mean, Yogg-Saron!

I've been corrupted by old god magic, haven't I? I bet that was the goal of this story all along. How do you make readers root for the death god? Seriously, I was reading about it destroying many of the good guys (trying not to put spoilers in my review) and I was aa giddy as when it attacked the Legion.

Good on you for the scene with Sara's body. I felt a bit emo at the description of her battered frame, but then when Yogg-Saron was like "let's fling it into the sun. Whee!" I was like yep...that's still Sara flinging her oen body.

Do you mind if I try to draw your interpretation of Sara, in addition to a proper sketch of the other drawing? We never get to see Yogg-Saron unearthed from what I remember.

And did the dog from Adventure Time partially inspire Fardol?
6/25/2016 c34 Guest
all i can say is )
6/25/2016 c34 Serithus
The darkest and dankest timeline has arrived and we're just here for the ride
6/24/2016 c34 zachary2
AWESOME! GODDAMN AWESOME. Quite a good chapter, loved it, are you going to finish the story in another couple of chapters, or are you going to further the story? Amazing job.
6/24/2016 c34 Guest
I feel sorry for Leira :(
6/24/2016 c34 5Shinkicker
Well, shits fucked. News at eleven. Have to say I didn't expect her to go this route though, maybe wipe the demons out and cruise around a bit, maybe leave Azeroth. Was kinda hoping she and Leira could reconcile a bit. Oh well, carnage!
6/24/2016 c34 3tmd126
It's.. unfortunate. The value systems and morals of something on a power level so above anything we could have are understandably alien. Of course she doesn't care if she kills a few million people. She can always put them back. Of course she doesn't care if she ruins cities or continents, those things, to an old god, are almost immaterial... so her definition of good is logically different than anyone else's and it frustrates me that she went about trying to be good so very wrong. It's not about doing acts that society deems to be good. It's about understanding the reasons why, which is something humans, and other sentient races on azeroth, seem to understand almost intuitively, but something she obviously wouldn't. The "because"s, and "you don't understand"s are frustrating. And... I guess if there had been someone she could have talked to, genuinely, about why things are the way they are, this might have been avoided. Ah well... good chapter. Sorry for my long absence
6/24/2016 c33 Ocu
Oh my god yesss

There can be a few different things happening after that, but either way there sure is going to be a lot of them happening :P

(that pronoun change though : )
6/23/2016 c33 zachary2
Oh shit. This is good. Really awesome cliffy. Awesome chapter, Sara's friendship with Leira may go down the drain.
6/22/2016 c33 5Shinkicker
Yogg Dragons Vezzax cultists, those two guilds should have like zero chance.
6/22/2016 c33 61Ihsan997

(I'm cheering for an Old God. Lol.)

What a great end note. So I guess...Alexander's little Sara is gone? In which case, will Leira be against it (Yogg-Saron)? So much is still unanswered, like how much subjective, illogical attachment it will have to Leira and Sara's parents.

Top notch creativity, by the way. Kiljaeden is smart whereas in Warcraft and fiction in general, dark overlords often make massively stupid and arrogant mistskes. Fardol has perhaps the best characterization I've seen in a long time, and I'm tickled that Ellemayne and Turaniles are back. But most of all...what a way for the god of death to return.

But if I could ask, at least for a pm response: is Sara gone? I'm both happy and sad (and morally conflicted with my own response in either case)
6/21/2016 c33 Guest
hahahahahah this is great ) LOVE IT
6/21/2016 c33 Serithus
Hail the God of death for it has finally returned!
6/21/2016 c33 13CP Nightshade
I just realized the significance of the name Sara, despite having run Ulduar a thousand times. She's named after the Vrykul avatar at the beginning of the encounter.
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