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1/21/2016 c6 Shioreinz
i love this story, please update!
12/12/2015 c6 10Boys-Love-Yaoi
Whaaaaaat ?! Toshiro's father is Aizen ?! But he has white hair in here, doesn't he ?
Pleeeeaaaaase continue your story ! It's so goood ! I don't kniw why you don't have more review, but it's amazing ! Please !
11/12/2015 c6 Bs173
I WANT TO READ THE REST PLEASE! T.T I hope you won't abandon this, it's awesome! What attracted me most to your story is your characterization, I think it's so perfect, just in the way I most like when reading IchiHitsu fics. The plot is so fascinating! Ugh you just stopped when things got very interesting, so Toshiro's father is Aizen?! Oh my god (Oh how I love how he's always the bad guy in au fics) I was suprised, I suspected at first for him to be Gin, you know almost similar hair color and all? Oh even the bus man with a gun, I thought he was Gin too, but you never mentioned him xD
It's wonderous how Toshiro was always there, almost all the kurusaki's family members met him but Masaki! I was dying to see the meeting scene between her and Toshiro T.T Now she knew where he is (I suppose?) I think the meeting should be in a couple of chapters or so.. if only you continued OTL Dunno, will you continue?! It wasn't THAT long since you last updated, so I'll keep hoping.
I wonder why is this not popular? Cuz it's wondeful.
3/6/2015 c3 Guest
Interesting... The beginning sounds like some kind of korean comedy drama show lol
and I really like how Toshirou stayed because Ichigo got sick. I think Toshirou in the real bleach world would have done the same hehe. update soon! this is a cute story.
btw is Ichigo's mom gonn die? based on your summery lol (x i can't wait for the drama portion to happen
3/1/2015 c3 6glowingxstars
...Ichigo I think Toushirou just fell inlove with you LOL and that kiss was just CHEAITNG ICHIGO ITS NOT FAIR.
2/22/2015 c2 Guest
Dammit Toushirou! If only you were paying attention to the T.V. You would have heard more about your mom! Okay, I just wanted to say I really liked the two chapters so far. They're so long and at the end of the story, I found myself saying "it's done already, what the heck?" But when you're engulfed in a story you really want to read, it goes by really fast. Thank you for keeping up with Rangiku's personality as well, trying to be a heroine to save her love ones and for lessening Toushirou's swearing.

From what I read, Shira (or Shirayumi?) and Masaki are good friends yes? And she's been looking for Toushirou since Shira passed away? What a turn in the story already! I'm anticipating Masaki's death since you've written that in your summary. I haven't heard about the dad yet, does Toushirou have a dad in this story?

/screams/ I can't wait wait wait! See you next chapter! Excited to finally meet Hyorinmaru, Rukia, and Toushirou's interview! Now that he got a bit of advantage, Ichigo will most likely hire him! Hahaha.

"I think you really did score yourself a hottie"
I like that. I like that. Rangiku's pushover personality XD
2/22/2015 c1 Guest
*-* Is Toushirou a tsundere in this story? Good first chapter for someone who just started their membership here in the fanfic community. And don't feel discouraged because people find satisfaction over simple mistakes. Not exactly sure what that mistake was... but there will always be other people who are willing to give good advices.

Interesting plot by the way! I hope Ichigo and Toushirou build their friendship into something deeper. If you know what I mean /wink/
2/20/2015 c1 1ShiroStrawberry
I really enjoyed this :) I'm looking forward to seeing how this story progresses :) Your writing style is good, you made a few mistakes through out, but that's not a huge deal everyone does it once in a while. All you have to do to improve that is just look over your writing and make sure spelling and everything is in order before posting. Even when I write stories on my laptop, I might not post them but I always double check the spelling.

Another little bit of constructive criticism would be the OOCness. Even though it's AU doesn't mean they should loose their character, however I do like it when they are a little OOC, but I feel like Toshiro is just a little too much with his swearing. Maybe just tone it down a bit. Overall their characters a still pretty enjoyable, just the swearing is a bit much.

Overall, very interested in where this is going, please continue :)
2/20/2015 c1 5jixue
Don't be discouraged c: You're a fellow Ichigo x Toshiro shipper and other people just like to point out mistakes. I just finished reading this in class and you got me hooked! I look forward to your other chapters. Don't worry about a character mistake. People just get irritated over the littlest things.
2/20/2015 c1 Guest
Please remove the minor characters in the stories tagged and indicate the only pair. It's hard to find a romance fic with needed pair when one of the minor characters listed in the category filters "without", it removes all fics in which there are tagged character.
2/20/2015 c1 2Renezme Midnight
I'm already loving this story. I don't have anything really bad to say, I do like your writing style its simple but gives details when needed so it isn't too overbearing, other than that see you next time!

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