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for Friends to the end

4/16 c9 Sally
Interesting stories and very well written. I take it your are a McCoy focused person, since pretty much most of the stories focused around him in one fashion or another. You actually have Spock in the position of idealizing McCoy...would the Doc accept such thinking if he knew about it? It would be interesting to see, how you would write Spock’s POV...WHEN McCoy Fails in some fashion or another, when the Doctor is not so Heroic, not so Understanding, or so compassionate? Such as the times when Jim Kirk’s Life is endangered and Spock is making what McCoy believes to be heartless, cold LOGICAL DECISIONS...and rides Dpock without mercy. Just a thought and a challenge for you.
3/11/2020 c6 36Iamafanoftoomanythingstoname
The chapters are short, but quite touching nonetheless! This chapter 6 especially got me; I even teared up a little! You took a funny catchphrase, and turned it into something sweet. Dr. McCoy is a special character, as is the triumvirate's friendship. I also liked in chapter 4 about Spock being glad he could make the doctor feel better when he's down, even if all he has to offer is his green blood and his ears. Then chapter 5 about McCoy metaphorically being able to cure a rainy day... you really got an "awwwww!" out of me more than once! I liked all the chapters, but those three stuck out to me the most.
1/7/2020 c7 Sally
On, #7...I like that idea, Kirk is probably right! Lololol!
1/7/2020 c6 Sally
#6 ...I think you are very much a Dr. McCoy fan!
1/7/2020 c5 Sally
You write very well. Yes, you got it correct... a “rainy day”... is reference to having a Bad Day, A Hard time, Sadness, and such.
9/8/2019 c9 Sally
These little stories are very well done, I enjoyed them all. I would love to see what your take would be on say using their Triad Friendship POV, from events like when Spock Stung by the Deneva Glob, McCoy knowing doing surgery he could not remove the tenicles, Spock dealing with the pain, fear(?), and Kirk trying to just Deal as Captain. There are a lot of episodes left you could do, adding more to your line. Looking forward to more!
4/13/2017 c8 1Aramat57
This review is actually for the nest chapter, The Color of a Heart, FF would not let me post two reviews on the same chapter! I just re-watched this episode (The Empath) last night. It was one of DeForest Kelley's favorites, although it is sometimes hard to watch. You are right, Kirk and Spock do protect the doctor and the spirit residing within. Love this series, I visited again for a re-read. I hope you will add to this, every chapter is well crafted and insightful. Your love for the characters shines through. Thank you.
3/16/2017 c9 3GothicCity
Ohhh this last chapter...The Empath is wonderful, and so is this. All of the chapters are.

Spock absolutely enjoys being having humans view him as vulcan, that being one of the reasons that he rejects pressure to show his human side despite his friends' assurances that he would be accepted. But then, over the years he gradually opens his heart for them bit by bit, almost as a thank you for sticking by his side when no one else would.

I love how clearly you grasp the characters and their friendship.

And that part about why Spock calls Bones 'Doctor' all the time is hilarious...and my new headcanon. You should keep writing these!
1/3/2017 c3 Eclectikon
Okay, I'm just taking this fic in for the first time on a quick lunch break. I love it. Th last line in chapter three is so sweet "... it enraptured him to no end that this possibly most human of all humans could really see a human inside him." Must keep reading now.
11/25/2016 c7 Guest
Aww, this is beautiful!

I now want to read a fanfiction in which McCoy actually says this line - I can see it happening. Great insight, there! Thank you for sharing!
9/1/2016 c5 22ThatSassyCaptain
This is beautiful! I love the symbolism and the metaphors in all the chapters, but maybe this one takes the cake. WONDERFUL.
8/1/2016 c9 2Soundless Memory
I like this! All the drabbles are really cute and introspective, I really love the friendship between the main trio and you write it super well! Also, even though English is your second language you writing in super, super well! (I honestly never would have guessed if you hadn't said so). I hope you keep writing, I'm really enjoying this! :)
7/27/2016 c9 Guest
Excellent stories. Thanks for sharing.
7/5/2016 c9 2Zhi'rev
Oh, these are so beautiful. It just touches a place in your heart that most fanfics don't get close to. I especially love the ones concerning Spock and McCoy. Lovely writing. Keep it up.
6/16/2016 c9 61Danzinora Switch
There's something beautifully soothing about the way you write. The introspection is clever, tasteful, and calming. I love the different points and scenarios you bring up and analyze- I believe you're finding the essence of the friendship between our favorite trio. Thank you, and I hope you write more of these :)
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