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2/20/2015 c1 10xXxSapphireWolfxXx
OMG, more! I love this story!
2/20/2015 c1 iroshi
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Very sweet reunion. I look forward to this being continued! Mutual hiding things and eventual explanations of magic & demons should be interesting.

The only pairing(s) that pop to my mind for Sam are either Remus or Tonks. Odd, that, that a canon pairing would pop into my head as individuals that would work for Sam. _
2/20/2015 c1 1eyann85
You seriously know how to make your readers addicted to your stories, so so hoping for more of this awesomeness !
2/20/2015 c1 22edboy4926
Interesting intro.
Looking forward to more.
Out of curiosity, why is Harry not going to be paired with anyone?
As for Sam, well, I will admit I would like to read for once (that I have yet to find one that is not a one-shot) a Sam/Ruby fic.
2/20/2015 c1 15white collar black wolf
Really liked it wonder of dean knows Harry is a wizard
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