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1/3/2017 c6 36AliceCullen3
12/8/2016 c6 1Oblivious Munchies
I can't wait!
11/11/2016 c6 1JamieBoi
Love this! Can not wait to read more.
11/6/2016 c1 Guest
Fucking mpreg fics. Total shit.
10/22/2016 c6 4wiseassrat
This story is amazing. I love it. I can't wait to see how you continue this.
10/10/2016 c5 malin1200
I think an update is in order, no ?
9/25/2016 c1 SOL
OMG I LOVE THIS ! I hope you will update soon ! this is one of the best fanfics i gave ever read !
8/28/2016 c6 malin1200
I think an update would be in order...
7/25/2016 c6 176Firehedgehog
7/5/2016 c6 baeleeh
Please update soon
6/30/2016 c6 99997777733
Loving this story. Hopefully Harry will be able to tell Dean he's a wizard soon...and that Dean will still accept him without any issues. Keep up the great work!
6/26/2016 c6 1Roserayrose
Omg I love your fic, it's awesome! :D
I'm expecting that Dean (or Sam) will find Harry when he is possessed by the diary, just sitting on his bed looking blankly-creepy. And then they panic, but it reality I have no clue how it's going to play out. Although I WOULD know if you decided to update soon...
*hint* *hint*


In case you didn't realize yet, I can't wait for your next update. Although I completely understand how life can get busy and all that.
6/22/2016 c6 Wildcat1144
Sorry I wasn't able to finish my review anyway. I also hope Dean and Sam are able to save Harry form the evil that is Tom!
6/23/2016 c6 1ClaMiAl
Cool story! And quite a quandary Harry is in. I look forward to reading more!
6/22/2016 c6 wildcat1144
I am actually crying. What's going to happen next?! Gosh I hope they clear up that misunderstanding!
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