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1/31/2017 c1 Dannazj
Yah, definitely write more! Please?
There are so few DiamondShipping fics around, even if those that are, I must say, are quite good more often than not...
I'd like to read about Ash's reaction, and maybe, just maybe... some family fluff set a bit (or a lot, depending on Ash's sanity after the revelation) in the future?
Poor Persian, though, having to deal with Gio who thinks that she's only a dumb animal - I can totally see her as being so done with his moods... Persian wins!
1/10/2017 c1 10Briar Rose the Awoken Maiden
Please continue this I can just imagine Ash having a mini melt down. Add in Gary as a supportive friend. My personal thoughts on those two are that they were best friends growing up and really close too then something happened explaining the rivialy in the first season and then they became friends again. But yeah Ash's personal crisis, supportive cuddly brotherly best friend Gary then add in Jessie, James and Meowth. Ooh so much you could do. Love this ship and this fic please keep writing
2/11/2016 c1 Gyratres
I love the way you wrote this pairing! Although you said you'd written Giovanni as OOC I can totally imagine him like that! Great job, I would love it if you continued this story.
5/5/2015 c1 EleBottomLuvr
Wow! How romantic! I'm glad my first fan fic read was so romantic!
3/6/2015 c1 1Kira RaKash
Great job on this story!

I really like how you handled Giovanni's characterization. I think the way you wrote him is consistent with how he's depicted in the source material, and it also goes deeper and shows the possibility that he has other aspects to his personality. I always enjoy fics where characters who are usually very one-dimensional in canon get fleshed out more, and you've done that successfully here.

I also thought the way you combined game characters and anime characters into the same story was creative. I don't think I've ever seen another story where Delia left Giovanni for Red, so it was a very interesting idea.

I'd be excited to see a continuation if you felt like it! This story stands alone just fine as a one-shot, but I think there's also plenty of room to expand on it too.

Again, nice job!
2/21/2015 c1 171Axletia Rosonetis
Interesting take with Red being a cheating lover who stole Delia away. c: It's always nice to see more diamondshipping fics.
2/21/2015 c1 10MistyMermaid97
I totally think you should keep writing this
2/21/2015 c1 Xia
Thanks for this! The world needs a lot more Diamondshipping, if you want my opinion. ;)

Overall, this was very well-written. I like that you portrayed Giovanni as a more complex character than we ever see in the canon material. Giving him more sides to his personality is a lot more interesting than just depicting him as a heartless bad guy.

I hope to see more from you!
2/21/2015 c1 Gest
D'aww! That was soooo sweet! I think I cried a little. Thx for writing such a good stry.

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