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4m c35 rosaurocunanan16
This chapter is a masterpiece! Lamb gotta be f in the next chapter pls! I want a lemon!
41m c35 2RaijuTsuiga1126
51m c35 dlowe2651
lnnfao that was awesome update again soon
3h c35 Paradoxity
Man, 3 updates in 3 months, you deserve the sloppiest head, king
3h c35 Francisco Yepez
Cómo siempre, no decepcionas con tus actualizaciones, sigue así 3p
3h c35 darkwolfz
need a peak lemon with eve or lamb at this point, the first lamb lemon too
4h c35 Degurechaff Gintoki
The caption was really cool
Please make a complete lemon with Naruto and lamb
4h c35 2Navi the frog
not a furry but lamb really is a waifu material.
6h c35 Alexander4443
Good chapter
6h c35 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
8h c35 1The ultimite deity
Big fan of where this is going
8h c35 jouninofkonoha
heh nice
9h c35 Dylan.lucky
okay... excuse me, I have to, I have to go to the bathroom for a moment.
9h c35 HusseES
Dude of all the fukin characters in lol why tf am I reading about a budding beastiality romance between naruto and lamb? Writer and every reader thats hyped about this bs get some help.
10h c35 Hirameki Kitsune
Excellent chapter as always!
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