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for I Will Love You No Matter What

4/21 c36 Fate
Update author! its been too long
4/18 c36 Guest
Are you still writing this story it’s been a while since you’ve updated
2/19 c33 Guest
Please do let leave this story to die!
1/22 c1 1Writerpress
I've seldom heard the words OP and strictly NatsuX (not harem) in the same sentence. For that you have my thanks.
1/19 c33 Guest
When is the next chapter coming? Been waiting since 33 came out
10/22/2020 c1 BoredKing
No, Igneel said he "you are unable to use your full power." Nothing remotely like "you shouldn't" anywhere

Why, exactly, can't Natsu let everyone know about his true form? You make it sound like there is some big reason for why that would be bad but I honestly can't think of one. Saying he has "LOTS of responsibilities" is not a valid excuse for anything since 1) the dragons are gone and 2) if he is acting like he does in canon then i can't see what responsibilities he would be fulfilling. Plus in canon, Natsu is E.N.D, the baddest demon to ever exist, and no one really cares about that, so I don't really see how him being a bit more dragon than they thought is a big deal. The whole thing just feels forced in for no reason. Maybe you should've gone with him not being able to control it or something like that instead.

Why the hell is there a dark guild in the middle of the forest where those 2 live? And how is it that they just happen to run into them when Natsu is there? That is some serious plot convenience. At least make up a reason for them being there.
10/21/2020 c36 2Smartyul
Oh cool. Just made a Kofi so I could follow you. Thanks for not discontinuing this story, I love it.
9/24/2020 c35 sans3859
oh man that fanfic took so long but it was worth it. update soon, okay?
8/25/2020 c35 AcidESP
It is a very good story, although it seems that you do not update anymore, it is a shame, greetings, see you, bye!
7/28/2020 c35 NeverEnderMan
Dis some gud shit right her m8
5/11/2020 c35 Guest
Loved it.
5/12/2020 c35 Natha Scarlet
5/5/2020 c1 Guest
cOrReCtIoN hEr NaMe MeAnS cHiLd Of JoY
4/28/2020 c34 moh.aref10
plz release another chapter soon
4/11/2020 c34 1StarlessMidnightWolf
Can’t wait for more
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