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for I Will Love You No Matter What

9/12/2017 c27 1SoloHellZro
I really hate a thing about fic. If YOU don't even WANT a HAREM then STOP with one. IT DEGRADES THE STORY. I'd you want plane romance then go with it . If you want harem then go for harem. BUT don't come to say its not a harem and write a fic that clearly states to a harem then warn the readers again about the fic not being harem in next chap
9/12/2017 c27 I'm gonna say the N-word
Nice chapter ma boyy
9/11/2017 c26 cameron05jones
Great job I loved this chapter and the whole story up to this point and I can't wait for the next chapter
9/10/2017 c26 2Angryhenry
Not bad!
9/9/2017 c26 Guest
cant wait for the next
9/9/2017 c26 BlackDragonShinigami
Ooooh great story
9/9/2017 c26 SilentSniper05
Ive read a story with the same basis, the main character hiding his abilities and actually has a gf, whose older sister doesnt knowntheybare together and like him. Never noticed that til now, dont know thename of the story but it is pokemon. Great chapter, cya
9/7/2017 c25 My name is nothing
Why do I get the feeling Kei is somehow related to Acnologia?
9/7/2017 c25 TheLaughingStalk
Sting got his gay power boost, are you gonna make use of it?
9/6/2017 c25 Nise no kishi
I hope Natsu and Happy go full out and have epic double team moves
9/6/2017 c25 BlackDragonShinigami
Awesome chapter, as always. Cant wait for whats next
9/6/2017 c25 Guest
let all wizards of the kingdom BOW DOWN IN FEAR NATSU DRAGNEEL HAS ARRIVED TO DESTROY YOU ALL hell ya looking forward to this EPIC battle/battles
9/6/2017 c25 2Okaze
Oh I can't wait for things to get crazy!
9/6/2017 c25 2Angryhenry
9/5/2017 c24 2bearythescary
Damn all these updates are awesome
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