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for Unforgotten Desire

3/13/2015 c3 3Hitomi Of The Sand
i love this chapter! i'm so looking forward to the next one! i really hope that you can update every week that would be amazing. i really love the development that we've learned about Sasuke and
Sakura. you have it as naruhina as well, i'm excited as to what you will do with them soon! Keep up the amazing work!
3/12/2015 c3 Guest
I don't know what side I like the most! Sasuke horny hot response or sakuras emotional response . *cries* I'll admit I was a little disappointed I was hoping for some super hot make out scene. Don't be a tease ! So me some sexy action !
3/12/2015 c2 SESHOYANA
OH MY GOD. how do I CRAVE to be in sakura's place right now. love the sasuke. ( with spectacles? I love it.)
I am sooooooo impatient to see what happens when they actually meet.
3/12/2015 c3 ra-one
i stumbled across this story today and my goodness its absolutely terrific. I like yhe idea of sakura being a bandit queen too much. The pace of story is good and so is the writing style.i hope that you update soon and not keep waiting for long because it will definitely make us anxious.
(for the continuation of the flashback ofcourse)LOL
3/11/2015 c2 8MR.MIDNIGHT01
I rather enjoy the western theme the new sakura is interesting not the annoying howling monkey as i imagine her really im not a fan of sakura under most things but it was in my naruhina and thought i give it a try Kiba ok but i find him the same as i feel for the normal kiba can tolerate him but his smarter half akamaru needs to be around more lol! Just kidding Hinata is much more fun she one of the top favorite females and she should be afriad as Naruto uzumaki the fox kid is on her tracks and he wont stop so get his launter get his gun ol red's itching to have a little fun but i give this 6/10 score but who cares my review really doesn't matter or will have an effect
3/10/2015 c3 30Yk2895
It's awesome and really original, can't wait fot the next chapter and see where is this going.
3/10/2015 c3 crazymel2008
love the flash back. how old are they in the flash back and how old are they now? love both pov's but mostly are totally into eachother at first real soon.
3/10/2015 c3 Guest
more please lol, awesome story
3/10/2015 c2 Sakura 119
I love how hinata is this sexual type of women ! Way different then her normal shy self. I enjoyed that you also made her like a pouty child and Sakura almost like a mother figure. You can tell she cares for her. And don't get me stared on how kiba is this sex god! I also liked the fact that you can see that kakashi And Sakura have this brother and sister type bound. Over all I enjoyed this chapter and hope you post the next one ... Soon very soon
3/2/2015 c2 14animedude16
I love everthing
3/2/2015 c2 yamada.chibi
So far so good for me xD ! I really enjoy the story and really like Sakura's character...I was striving for a bold Sakura :D. Also,hope you'll be focusing more on Sakura and the boys (I don't really care about the other girls,and I don't really enjoy reading about them,so yeah xD ) !

Keep up the good work and see you on the next update...
3/2/2015 c2 SMILE
omg I am in love with Sakura's character like damn she is such a badass and loving Hinata ohyeah go girls hahaha. Anywho amazing story and awesome chapter, I'm dying for more lol. Hope you update soon.

Thanks :)
3/1/2015 c2 10ILoveSxS
I like it!
3/1/2015 c1 3Hitomi Of The Sand
Great first chapter! I can't wait to read more of it! Please update soon! I'm wondering how Hinata will play a part in all this? Plus Sasuke seems a little (well a lot) possessive. Which is good, I love possessive Sasuke. How will Sasuke manage it get Sakura to stay with him? Maybe it's just love! Lol
Keep it up!
2/27/2015 c1 4Panboa
That was really good for your first lemon! Looking forward to the next chapter with more Sakura in it!
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