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3/19 c153 Becca
Oh my gosh, it's been so long I almost forgot how much I love Tessler! Even though there's all the sad along with their snarky, awkward bonding and squishy Liz feelings, it's just so good! Tom talking about why he kept the name made me particularly happy. :) :)
2/16 c152 Guest
Awwww... I love Tom and Liz so much! Can we have more of Scottie and Tom's scenes, please. Tom deserve to know that Scottie love him very much.
12/27/2020 c152 Becca
I forgot to check for new fic?! O.o Okay, so I did manage to lose track of what day of the week it was for a while, but that's no excuse. Especially when this is so lovely! I love the way they work together and the rules they have and that Tom doesn't let Liz go climbing out the window. And the ending! The ending is just perfect! I love them both so much and I love your writing. :))))))) Hope you had a great Christmas!
11/6/2020 c151 Becca
Tom, having fallen twenty feet: I'm fine, no doctor required.

Me and Liz, softly but with feeling: Tom, no.

You blend whump and sweetness so well, I'm dismayed I didn't notice this sooner. Love it. :)
10/24/2020 c151 ReticentReader
Please never stop writing them. You're seriously canon to me now. Your writing is better, more rich, than the show's
9/2/2020 c1 Guest
Just started watching and I am here for this! I was prepared to hate him but they do such a good job showing glimpses of his love
7/12/2020 c65 lucel18
This is totally canon. I think she feels the same for him. She just hasn’t realized it yet. Thank you!
7/5/2020 c64 lucel18
It’s so funny how Jacob can’t pretend he’s not in love with Liz or that he’s not thinking about her.
Also, I’m so sad that Jacob had to kill Asher in canon.
7/5/2020 c63 lucel18
Yeah, I like her breakup with Nick here than what was implied in canon. Thank you!
6/27/2020 c62 lucel18
Love this! So heartwarming. I’m always at awed with Tom, at the lengths he will go through to keep Liz safe and happy. Looooove him (and Liz, of course, lol)! Thank you!
6/25/2020 c61 lucel18
Happy dreams vs. sucky reality..Ouch.
6/24/2020 c60 lucel18
I like this missing scene. Thank you!
6/24/2020 c59 lucel18
Looove the fluff here!
6/24/2020 c56 lucel18
The idea of a last mask, choosing this one and staying this way to the end because he didn’t want to lose Liz.. oof.. my heart.. lol
6/24/2020 c55 lucel18
This makes me giddy. Thank you!
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