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for The Saiyan King of Deviluke

5/10 c2 Guest
Really good story.
12/6/2021 c1 Guest
Es una lastima que dejaran de hacer esta historia después de todo tenía mucho más potencial que la primera versión, que era perecida pero diferente ya que esta de aqui es mucho mejor y mas detallada
1/27/2021 c12 Dontus -not Donut- Powerus

You mean 2 to 4 years. Piccolo's there if you're asking why 2.

Hell, even just under 7 months most in the hypertonic malaria chamber with Piccolo. Just make him angry enough to achieve SSJ 2.
4/20/2020 c15 Guest
You should put hit in the chapter 16
2/9/2019 c13 SaiyanV500
Let guess who won and advance to the second round

Round 1 Vivio won already
Round 2 Juubi because she's stronger
Round 3 Goku because he's stronger than Johan
Round 4 Gato because Piccolo will forefit.
Round 5 Vegeta oblivious
Round 6 Bloom because I bet you'll made her won
Round 7 Shigure because Rin is mostly body guard and doesn't train very much
Round 8 Froze since his strength seems to be par with Goku

Second half the preliminaries
Round 1 Vivio won against her cousin because the latter drops her guard
Round 2 Goku went Super Saiyan and beat Gato who's a little weaker than Froze, and getting a Zenkai from the fight
Round 3 Vegeta beat Bloom easily
Round 4 Froze easily defeated Shigure

Round 1 Goku won against a Full Power Vivio because he gotten stronger from the last fight
Round 2 Vegeta losses to Froze in his Final form

Winner Goku who was slight stronger than Froze thanks from the previous fights and getting Zenkai from them.

This is just a guess of what happen if you finish the Tournament saga.
1/18/2019 c1 BlackGogeta
can you put this up for adoption
10/1/2018 c15 NightRogue00
It's a waste to kill the story put up for adoption that a better Idea
10/1/2018 c15 Senritran19
Yes please put this up for adoption i think some people here like to adopt this story
9/27/2018 c15 Sento Uzumaki
can you put this up for adoption
9/20/2017 c11 Axcel
If the King's power can destroy a planet by unleashing his power then the power he unleashes is at least on-par with the original Goku's first Super Saiyan transformation. Seeing as Goku jr. spent his whole life training and being raised as a warrior, that might put them on par with each other. Since he just gets stronger the more he fights and his bloodline has an unbroken history of defeating opponents far more powerful than themselves, he would win. Ignoring the fact any of his family members or Vegeta's descendants could easily gang up on the King. Oh, and that Goku is a god and would be rather pissed of the King tried anything. Pissing off someone who can destroy entire universes is a bad idea.
8/22/2017 c14 Guest
Espabila esta historiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaaaaaaa!
7/24/2017 c15 Jano7u7
Is a pity, it was getting interesting and fair in that part, leaving with doubt that will happen jajajaj
12/26/2016 c15 Dimian Izazel
When i first read your fanfiction,it was pretty good ya know but theres something made me pique an interest its where you told that maybe goku is still alive and made an entrance in latter anyway keep up the good work and of course i love the story.
10/22/2016 c15 Guest
If you decide you won't finish the story. Just write a new chapter saying who won all the first, second, third and finally rounds. Because I'm curious who won those fights, so write that to end your story of the Saiyan king of Deviluke.
8/12/2016 c6 StayBlessed
Never been a fan of the overly perverted characters. Especially the older ones. Your version of Roshi doesn't seem that bad though.
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