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for Rise of Silverpine

4/16 c12 Len101
Really good chapter
3/13 c48 Knightowl
Still liking how this story goes.
Qyburn the Princess is now the Silverhand. On WoW canon only 1 person can use it at a time. She the first to use it since it was hidden at Tir’s Fall.
3/13 c48 Mister LaGuardia
Fun chapter; I'm definitely looking forward to a sequel.
3/12 c48 Guest
3/12 c48 Qyburn
Why Myrcella has an armor?
3/12 c48 1gleniv2
I’ve been following this story for a bit but I don’t think I’ve ever left a review. Just wanted to say thanks for righting such an entertaining story.
1/30 c47 Guest
Esto es cuál quier cosa
1/12 c16 5Guts and Toes
im just letting you know of my own thoughts. i love your work btw
1/12 c23 Guts and Toes
Didn't Varian warned that the horde would attack Westeroes simply because they're human kingdoms? so joining the alliance is a good thing. why would sansa and arya be acting like its a bad decision to follow the warning especially from the high king whom arya so admired?
1/11 c47 2JawsOnYou67
I really hope that at some point we see the actual civilian side of the forsaken. Lorderoneans just trying to recapture their former lives as they work the fields. This 100% evil undead is just a major disappointment. We’ve seen that done to death, pun intended, I’d hope with Calia in Battle for Azeroth we’d see more of the forsaken as those victims of the Scourge that they are. I’ve no idea why in all their prortayl of them is always villainous when they retain their former minds. It’s always been a massive gripe I’ve had with blizzard’s handling of the species. I do hope you’ll take the fact that the Forsaken were just as forcefully resurrected and enslaved as the Ebon Blade.
1/11 c32 5Guts and Toes
bruh wtf sansa...
1/10 c47 Guest
1/10 c47 Qyburn
It's nice to see Ned and Arya talking.
1/10 c23 Guts and Toes
ok now its getting interesting
1/10 c15 Guts and Toes
yeah u did lmao xD but its alright
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