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6/20 c50 13RSegovia
Very good story. Your grammar and word choice is a little odd in places, and it took me way longer than it should have to realize that those really were Ironborn ships, and that somehow Westeros is on Azeroth. It's just so unexpected, because the two settings are so different. It also didn't really go how I think it realistically would, if these two worlds were to meet in this way. I was very surprised to not see the Horde attacking Westeros, or a flood of young bastards and smallfolk from Westeros sailing off to try to learn magic or just seek a better life. I really don't think the Others would be much of a threat if you had even just a handful of competent mages. I also was a bit disappointed not to see more of Jon Snow or Daenerys. Jon especially seems prime adventurer material. It would also be interesting to see a meeting between the different types of dragons, or an encounter between the Faith of the Seven and REAL demons.
5/24 c16 3najex
Am giving this story a try, and while it is decent, I do prefer the direction taken with A Wolf with a coat of Darkness. Having Westeros and Azeroth be two different worlds/dimensions just makes way more sense to me.

Westeros is an incredibly low magic setting. And Azeroth is an incredibly high magic setting. Jaina Proudmore could probably conquer all of Westeros and Essos by herself. Westeros being a forgotten continent on Azeroth. . . it would need to obey the same magic system as the rest of that setting. . . which just doesn't make any sense.

A Wolf with a coat of Darkness also feels more personal. The camera is zoomed in on two (arguably one) main characters and what they see and feel. With this story, your trying to tell a much grander tale. . . which feels less personal as a result. Not to mention that both Arya and Sansa in this story feel way to. . . competent? They establish a fledgling kingdom in a single chapter, and nothing can be seen of Sansa's naivety, or the animosity between the sisters. Their early achievements do stretch the suspension of disbelief. Establish since they (should) start as essentially none-combatants. Arya is feisty, but any adult with a lick of training should be able to overpower her. Her wolf is all she has going for her. The Sansa from AWwaCoD had to start from scratch, and her powers and evolution feels much more earned.
3/8 c50 32The Sithspawn
Good chapter and great ending

I hope to eventually see a sequel, you have so many issues in Westeros to deal with as well.

And thank you for all your hard work! This was a great story, better than you're willing to admit
2/20 c50 Dancing Madman
What a mighty accomplishment! I have personally tried many times to write fanfiction, but it has never worked out. You on the other hand have created what I consider to be a masterpiece. This story, from start 'til finish, has delivered everything that an epic rags-to-riches kingdom builder could ever need. The Sisters are lovable characters, the enemies aren't pushovers, the allies aren't perfect, and there was a constant suspense as to what would happen next. At the end of it all, the protagonists have accomplished their goal of creating and maintaining a safe, secure, happy, and prosperous kingdom for all. Well done. Well done indeed. These are all really great things.

I also have to commend your out-of-the-box thinking. What is the biggest problem for me whenever I begin trying to write fanfiction is studying the bottomless pit of lore in order to make everything accurate. You, though, managed something I've never been able to do. You've taken that lore and developed it alongside that of another massively complex fantasy world. Furthermore, you've developed unique twists and gone down your own roads of plot. I can't manage properly keeping up with one fantasy setting, yet you can do it with two, and then not only work with that lore, but then demonstrate your knowledge by using that lore to create your own unique plotlines. This story truly is an amazing piece of literature to me, and you should be proud. Congratulations on 50 chapters! If you never write up a sequel, I'll be perfectly happy with just this one.

I appreciate you reaching out to me over PM last time, by the way. You told me that you have a lot of ideas, but I'll share a couple of my own with you here:

1: With some work, I believe an ironworks will be able to produce some of the more practical tools such as the grain cradle, the iron plow, and the cotton gin. They would each make Silverpine's economy skyrocket.

2: Of course, it's not like Sansa and Arya have access to future knowledge, so they'll have to sponsor a lot of brilliant inventors in order to start advancing technology. I recommend Sansa beginning something like an Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), where the Crown directly funds the agency and the scientists and engineers working for them split the money they get from their patents with the Crown in return.

3: You know how people from the Old World rushed to populate the New World in our history? I think Sansa should try to work with Anduin and the other Alliance leaders to start advertising all of Silverpine's free and open land to anybody and everybody. There are a lot of really poor people, like the mobs of farmers moving out of Westfall for example, who would be interested in all of the completely open land of Lordaeron. If Sansa organizes a Department of the Interior or something similar, she can let everyone know that all they have to do is get to the free land, stake a claim, and just like that it's their land now. That's what the USA did when expanding out west, and it attracted massive amounts of immigrants. It'll work here for Silverpine as well.
2/12 c50 jedijeff
Okay, I'm pissed!

What happened to Arya?
Did Marseille become a Paladin?
What about the little shi*** I mean Joffre?
Does Jamie find his way to a better Life?

You have to write a sequel!
I want to know what Sansa has, a boy or girl, is the child heirs to the silverpine throne?
Will his/her father acknowledge her/him?
2/1 c50 5Jack Redhawke
Is there gonna be more of this?
2/1 c25 Jack Redhawke
So the whole first bit in westeros and John isn't even mentioned once?
1/26 c50 6echoing song
Thank you for this. This was a very enjoyable story, and I’m glad it has an ending
1/13 c50 Qyburn
I want to see Sansa's baby.

Does Myrcella have healing powers now?

The White Walkers are real after all.
1/13 c50 Guest
1/13 c50 DragonANGL
Oof. Thanks for the chapter, and the ending to (this) story. I do wish a few more of the less-humanoid members of the Horde and Alliance made an appearance, but it still worked well. I wish you well in your future artistic endeavors!
1/13 c50 ben.barnet.9
so is this story over or?
1/13 c50 1amerdism
This is the end then? Shame, I loved this story, even with all its problems. Its remarkably difficult to find a good Warcraft fic, et alone one where new kingdoms rise.
1/13 c50 FGOFanlover
Great story, a little worried that this was dead but I'm glad your still working on it. I hope to see more of this in the future.

Also will you be adding the Shadowlands in this?
1/13 c50 Knightowl
That's the near perfect ending to the Silverpine part. The only loose thread is what happened to Jon Snow.
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