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11/25/2015 c8 7abraminwonderland
I liked this chapter haha

FYI, we call Elementary school Primary school in Britain
11/25/2015 c6 abraminwonderland
It's Year Eight, if you're still curious
10/31/2015 c8 ErinKenobi2893
No, I don't think he would. :-P He'd probably love it. Or something. ('Cause we all know he's really the biggest Pond shipper out there X-P)
10/31/2015 c5 ErinKenobi2893
9/17/2015 c8 28KendrixTermina
So we got a little coda/continuation on the "Rory learns guitar" thing mentioned in "The Girl Who waited". That last line was... very efficient at summing up what it was supposed to sum up.

To sort of work with multiple perspectives on this was a good idea, but I think this could have used some formatting-wise distinction between Rory's narration and the main/ bracket narrative.
8/30/2015 c7 11ThatBigBlueBox
I'm loving this story so far! Will you do any Classic companions, maybe Ian and Barbara, Romana? Oh, I can just picture a really sad one for Adric as well. Can't wait for the next chapter!
8/30/2015 c7 28KendrixTermina
Ah. This had both her adventurous nature and how her parents sort of nurtured that, her mother's death and how that might've driven her to be stoic/perfectionistic etc, ticked all the boxes.
Interesting format break, too. If those spelling mistakes were on purpose/ for realism, I think you overdid that a bit.
8/28/2015 c6 Ruth Joyce
My jaw actually dropped. I did not see that plot twist coming! I love the fact that Eleven keeps an eye on Donna. Also, Sylvia was very well done. Just as annoying as she is in the show. ;)
8/27/2015 c6 KendrixTermina
Yeah, that seemed very true to what the point of that character was.

Looking forward to the Ponds.
7/4/2015 c5 KendrixTermina
Not what I expected but when you think of it, an "inspiration" themed piece makes all the sense as a recurring motif for her is to show up people who doubted her capabilities, and this is a way tjis sort of drive could've come about.

We can definitely trust Martha to safe the world from "evil lords".

You'd think the Master would eventually learn to stop underestimating the companions. It rarely results in anything other than a humiliating defeat.
6/27/2015 c4 KendrixTermina
Mickey's story is ultimately that of someone who didn't adapt to the brave new world as quickly or easily as the other human main characters did, but ultimately DID set out prove himself and suceed, which is a sighn of intellectual honesty when you're telling a story about ordinary people reacting to, and taking part in humanity growing out of its Diapers.

I saw this well reflected in the last paragraph, although you mainly focus on the main backstory plotpoint we have for him - The grandmother. Something that's only rarely done, but certainly worth doing. He's a bit overshadowed given the exciting job descriptions of the other characters, but that doesn't mean he's not interesting at all.

Looking forward to Martha- She'd have a lot of material for you to work with with her big family and how it's dynamics have shaped her.
6/27/2015 c4 15Randomcat1832
Very nice; I've been enjoying these and I hope you make more. This Mickey one was my favourite so far, which is curious because Mickey is my least-favorite companion of the new series (except for Adam of course, but whether or not he counts if iffy). Even though I've never liked him too much, I do believe he's an interesting character, and you wrote him wonderfully.
Can't wait for more of these.
3/1/2015 c2 28KendrixTermina
Hm. Interesting.

The last few lines were, of course, an unexpected dose of "Ouch".
2/24/2015 c1 KendrixTermina
Well, they said that Einstein wouldn't amount to anything, either, and now look at the legacy e's left behind.

Some good lines in this, if nothing else, it's a cool idea. Liked that last paragraph, too; An often underappreciated aspect of that scene in Listen is that it's not only a premptive encounter with Clara, but also the TARDIS, and his own illustrious destiny (It's made pretty apparent that little Theta overhears not only the good old dematerialization sound, and possibly his own future self's voice)

Having everything in bold was a bit distracting, tho.
Still, looking forward to more! The next one is bound to be interesting. While Rose has a huge fanbase and much fanfic written about her, there's very little detailing/mentioning/working with her life before getting invited onto the TARDIS, despite there being plenty of material to work with, with her having grown up with an impoverished single mother/ having lost her father when she was a baby, and then been dumped by this guy after she dropped out of school because of him/ the resulting situation of having to live with poor job prospects. It's all very much an integral part of what gave her that initial humility and empathy for all the people and beings she's come across.

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