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11/4 c9 Shortmike24
i loved this whole bit. thanks
11/3 c9 6tarrangar
Shadow Stalker could have been salvaged, the problem is that they did everything wrong for that, she shouldn't even have stayed in Brockton Bay, getting her transferred to another branch, put in a school with a good monitoring system, and making sure she don't go on unscheduled solo patrols, would have had a good chance at working, the reason turning Shadow Stalker into a hero was bound to fail, is that they did the bare minimum.
10/10 c3 DarkBan
shinji and penpen being violence budies was more fun that i thought xDD
9/30 c25 114dogbertcarroll
You have a very strange grandmother...

And now I am slightly worried that Dragon may decide the proper use of humans is to store neurotoxin. :)

Good chapter!
9/17 c25 28Kairan1979
That deserves a sequel, showing the consequences of your characters' actions.
9/13 c25 Taktuk
This is everything Stepping on Worm should have been. It's funny, heartwarming, and the villains get what they deserve.

An expanded, slower-paced version of this would still be quite fun, especially for the Dragon scenes.
9/13 c25 Lomada
yeah it's the first time I've seen the point thing, I like it, hope this is continued
9/13 c25 haphazard1
Thanks for a fun chapter. Telling rather than showing was an issue, but for a short piece it worked well enough. Loved the book title, LOL.
9/13 c25 Joshua the Hand-Written
I'm a fan. This was a fun read.
9/13 c25 1Noxlux013
Definitely one of the faster fix it fics I’ve read.
9/13 c25 4verycoolname
I mean, yeah, all the telling instead of showing is probably bad, but I did enjoy it and chuckled a couple of times.
9/13 c25 10LWJ2
Interesting story, rather disjointed but it goes with the story itself. I've no idea what (if any) base story/universe it relates to, but I enjoyed it. I am BTW, of an age that the phrase "draft papers" produces an immediate increase in heart rate and a spike in blood pressure. Thanks for sharing it.
9/13 c25 Redripper666
i would love to see you do a full worm story
9/13 c25 iamjmph01
Well, as usual great stuff. Thanks for writing and sharing. I really liked most of the ideas. Not sure about the Dragon bit, but still interesting. I think the biggest issue is that unless last attack wiped the endbringers, which should be in on of Eden's pocket dimensions or something, leaving Eidolon alive and powered(unless I missed something) means they'll probably still show up...

Meh. :)
9/13 c25 cameron1812
Highly originalLove it!
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