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23h c10 61Pyeknu
LOL! Having Mr Black visit the Worm universe? Yeah, that wouldn't go over We'll!
6/17 c20 Difdi
Possible Omake:

Director: "Armsmaster, you are being demoted two ranks due to the facts that A) you arranged meetings no one could attend, B) non-attendance led to mandatory write-ups, C) demotion is mandatory every three write-ups that do not lead to improvement of the behavior the write-up was for, D) termination of employment is mandatory three write-ups after someone is demoted to minimum rank, and E) you cannot be a team leader or even a squad leader with no subordinates. I 'regret' to inform you that this also comes with both a reduction in pay and a reduction in Tinker budget, both will be half what you are accustomed to, going forward."

6/16 c20 16Fyrloche
I always thought it would be interesting to see an A-team cross.
B.A. getting tackled by scooby
"Get this dog off me, fool!"
Or Knight Rider,
"Michael, it's a talking dog. "
"Raggy, rit's a ralking car!"
Just some thoughts.
6/15 c15 Eriktheviking70
Thank you for making me laugh aloud.
6/13 c20 LeightonWD
Hahaha you have lost it you do the best crack fics
6/13 c9 5Brian1972
So when do they unionise the villians, henchmen and minions? Oh and Claudron of course!
6/11 c20 2CMVreud
His attendance system automatically noted that he was the only participant for the fifteenth day in a row and automatically sent counseling statements to the other members of the Protectorate.

"That question was answered by your briefing documents," Armsmaster stated. "As was your previous question."
"I set my email to automatically delete anything that comes from you," Assault explained. "It's more efficient than going through them and deleting them manually."
Armsmaster's teeth ground together. This was not an efficient use of his time. "Did you only come to this meeting in order to waste my time?"
"I only came to this meeting because you were writing me up for not attending your meetings," Assault said honestly. "I'm wasting your time because you wrote me up for not attending your meetings."

It was a work of art. It made Artemis' Lover look like a work of Shakespeare. Titus, admittedly, rather than one of his good plays. In short, it was grotesque, it was horrible, it had ever changing spelling and terrible grammar. It was a monstrosity that would force any in the know to wade through rivers of shit to find the occasional gem sprinkled in. It was perfect.

6/11 c20 sandipi
OCs are never hunted unless they become PCs. When you sign up to be a PC, bring your own lube. The GM is to busy cackling madly to remember it.
6/10 c20 Flame punch
Also I loved the arms master/assault scene and Contessa testing her boobs against koosh balls. Those were some quality scenes right there
6/10 c20 Flame punch
That’s the thing about inspired inventor and power manipulations docs that always has me checking out from disbelief.

Putting a charge into dimensional travel should tell you next to nothing about it. You have none of the requisite knowledge so what you’re really saying is give me free charges for every scientific field that would make the scientists who built the Death Star look like uneducated schmucks, several tiers of advanced mathematics far beyond what the federation from Star Trek would be capable of, engineering knowledge that would make the ancients from stargate green with envy, and somehow this all gets glossed over by fanfic writers.

Build out a tech tree starting from their knowledge base currently to where you wanna go, I don’t care if it’s filled with sci-fi bullshit pseudoscience, and slowly build your way up to it over time.

Outside of stuff like this I really like what you did in the beginning with basic survival knowledge, and some crime committing knowledge.
6/10 c20 wanderingwitchelaine
brilliant :) love the story
6/10 c20 176Firehedgehog
6/10 c20 SevenBrokenTowers
Please... May I have some more?
6/10 c20 thekingofsweden1
Terrible. Totally worth reading though. A lot funnier than it should be, and the pacing is oddly perfect.
6/10 c20 Joshua the Hand Written
Lol. This monstrosity is great.
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