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4/14 c30 Duchess67
Oh my gosh, are they going to kill Howard now? Poor schmuck!
4/14 c29 Duchess67
Aw, Lisa/Sarah getting her brother back is sweet, in a scarily weird way!
4/14 c28 Duchess67
Ooooh, this is a good one!
4/14 c26 Duchess67
This chapter was utterly insane! *cackle*
4/14 c24 Guest
*giggle fit* Talk about biting off more than you can chew! LOL
4/13 c22 Duchess67
I really like this and wish it was longer, would love to see how far you could take it!
4/13 c21 Duchess67
Taylor's takedown of Coil is BEAUTIFUL! LOL
4/12 c16 Duchess67
I love these so much!
4/12 c15 Duchess67
GLORIOUS! *cackling like a hyena*
4/12 c13 Duchess67
These are so funny!
4/12 c12 Duchess67
*giggle fit*
4/12 c11 Duchess67
4/12 c10 Duchess67
This was all great, but the Mr. Black bits at the end blew me away! LOL
4/12 c9 Duchess67
This is fanfrickentastic! LOL
4/3 c30 LancsKid
At first i thought it was hookwolf that was run over with the breif discription.

Ok so haward aka cuthulu power coincidence, while not exactly a power, he ran over then brained lung during a blizzard and oni lee died by slipping on ice while preparing to assassinate howard, and howard drunkenly befriended scion…

based off that i suspect howard will either be near dinah or in the bank while the undersiders rob it, dox himself to scion when leviathan come to brockton bay, and kill jackslash by his lack of power to leak plans, play video games with not just scion but with sigmur.
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