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6/5 c30 1Paultagoras
This chapter has a real “Mr. Black” sort of vibe and I dig it
5/14 c6 Julie Q
Re. Florida Man... that poor, poor alligator! She must be ever so disturbed and upset. And I shudder to think what all the cocaine did to her when she digested Florida Man. :D *hugs*
4/19 c30 1ABeaupain
Fun chapter! Steve is great
4/14 c30 Duchess67
Oh my gosh, are they going to kill Howard now? Poor schmuck!
4/14 c29 Duchess67
Aw, Lisa/Sarah getting her brother back is sweet, in a scarily weird way!
4/14 c28 Duchess67
Ooooh, this is a good one!
4/14 c26 Duchess67
This chapter was utterly insane! *cackle*
4/14 c24 Guest
*giggle fit* Talk about biting off more than you can chew! LOL
4/13 c22 Duchess67
I really like this and wish it was longer, would love to see how far you could take it!
4/13 c21 Duchess67
Taylor's takedown of Coil is BEAUTIFUL! LOL
4/12 c16 Duchess67
I love these so much!
4/12 c15 Duchess67
GLORIOUS! *cackling like a hyena*
4/12 c13 Duchess67
These are so funny!
4/12 c12 Duchess67
*giggle fit*
4/12 c11 Duchess67
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