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3/5/2023 c27 3WhiteElfElder
Interesting idea, and shows that a "minor" power is useful.
3/5/2023 c27 2CMVreud
That's a good one.
And the omake made it even better.
And judging from the in-between Greg got his powers from something that could have been repaired and his parents payed the price.
Still, I like this Greg.
3/5/2023 c27 7udkudk
I really liked this idea. This would be an wonderful fanfic.
3/5/2023 c26 AnthonyR89
I want a sequel.
3/5/2023 c27 keichan2
Interesting idea!
I didn’t spot immediately that it was happening pre-canon, but this has the potential to change so much things!
As a side note, the omake is the tell of a true hero! Going to an endbringer fight just a day after getting his power? And a repairing tinker power at that? He IS a hero!

Thanks for sharing!

I hope to read more soon!
3/4/2023 c27 2ranma hibiki
we don't see enough GOOD Greg Veder, and holy smoke for an out of shape couch potato, that kid did pretty good. working non-stop for 2 days to save lives and *claps* this Greg has earned my respect )

the omake. makes it sound like he got his powers on the Day OF Endbringer, that or "going nonstop since I got powers" meaning he hasn't had any proper sleep, or food; like a tinker in a Tinker Frenzy
either or, both sound nuts.

poor greg, could have seen how much he mattered to others if only he realized that, even Medical count as survivors for an Endbringer battle. looks like he is going to be a VERY mysterious healer that everyone 'knows' and wishes to thank, but will never be able to find P
3/4/2023 c27 119dogbertcarroll
I love Greg stories, there are so few.
3/4/2023 c27 Eeyore3061
This .. this was a GOOD 'Worm' short and I'd love to see it continue.
And was it Radar, Klinger, Hawkeye, or all three whispering to him on rendering medical aid (though they forgot the small, secondary, horizontal, cut between the cartilage rings that the emptied, cut off, barrel of the pen goes into, IIRC, that 'MASH' episode scene has...).
3/4/2023 c27 Raiju001
Cowboy going to "fix himself" as we say in the military! Probably a good thing for him! Good luck Veder!
3/4/2023 c27 mrpietan
Damn good ... IMHO, you don't need an "origin" ... The kid has a power. To fix things. Rummaging through the junk yard, very good idea. Just thinking about if he "found" something that was ... broken ... that enhanced his power.
Well, Looking forward to the next episode of . Where someone brings him a kitty and say's it's broken and needs to be fixed.
3/4/2023 c26 Sebine
This is glorious
3/4/2023 c27 Amun565
He is back! so pumped for this !
3/4/2023 c27 sandipi
I respect this version of Greg. It feels strange to say that. Thank you for the experience and for bending my brain. You are very good at expanding potential horizons. Thank you for that.
3/4/2023 c27 Joshua the Hand-Written
This is a really interesting idea. I think this is one of three fics I've read where Greg isn't entirely insufferable.
3/4/2023 c27 4verycoolname
Nice and satisfying. Thanks!
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