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4/12 c9 Duchess67
This is fanfrickentastic! LOL
4/3 c30 LancsKid
At first i thought it was hookwolf that was run over with the breif discription.

Ok so haward aka cuthulu power coincidence, while not exactly a power, he ran over then brained lung during a blizzard and oni lee died by slipping on ice while preparing to assassinate howard, and howard drunkenly befriended scion…

based off that i suspect howard will either be near dinah or in the bank while the undersiders rob it, dox himself to scion when leviathan come to brockton bay, and kill jackslash by his lack of power to leak plans, play video games with not just scion but with sigmur.
4/2 c7 khatre
Old Man Punisher .. a fic worthy followup would be Old Man Frank Castle trains up Bruce Wayne ...
4/2 c1 khatre
Light Hawk Wings trump EVERYTHING!
3/5 c30 BlitzkriegAngel
NGL with you diving more into Worm, I really wanna see that little Mr. Black bit expanded so very badly.
3/4 c18 Mr.Sandman1924
You have denied us a world where Leviathan attacks BB, and is immediately destroyed by Ninja Brian, or musiced at until he seduces The Simurg. Disappointed.
2/11 c22 Lycanthromancer
Um... Is Testudo male or female? You keep bouncing back and forth constantly.
2/11 c21 Lycanthromancer
Word to the wise. Do not add an apostrophe to the end of a singular noun that ends in S and expect it to be a possessive. It's not. It's a typo. Only add an apostrophe to the end of a word that ends in S when it's plural.

So the singular-possessive of "Dennis" is "Dennis's."

The singular-possessive of "boss" is "boss's."

If that noun is a plural that ends in -ES? That's when you add an apostrophe to the end. Got more than one Dennis? Then it's "Dennises' " and "bosses' " for plural-possessive.

Anything else is poor grammar and looks really bad for your writing competence.

And for gods' sakes, do not add an apostrophe to anything ending in X. Always treat X as a non-S for possessives, whether singular or plural. So "Alex's" and "Alexes' " for singular-possessive and plural-possessive, respectively.
2/10 c30 Random Dude
I saw this on the CaerAzkaban group, but didnt read because I dont like Lovecraft things, Ho boy, I couldnt be more wrong, This is awesome! Its almost on the same level as Mr. Black series, and I hope it continues.
2/7 c30 Difdi
The guy raises a good point about simulations. And if you can somehow remove your self-awareness that it is a simulation at all, that turns it up to 11. I have little doubt Scion could indeed remove his own awareness of a simulation.
2/6 c30 Jake the Snake
And Eldrich is still blissfully unaware.
I wonder if Scion will follow his advice.
2/5 c30 4verycoolname
I love the way you look at a story.

I kind of want a second part where Skidmark gets dosed with a bad batch of drugs and 'sees' Eldritch's changer form. It'd be fun to see everyone reacting to Skidmark babbling about Lovecraftian monsters and fleeing the Bay.
2/4 c30 Raiju001
Lmao! Howard Eldritch fumbling to the top! Power of Luck! Good? Bad? Who knows! Lololololol!
2/4 c30 10RevDorothyL
I'm enjoying Steve and his approach to establishing a new corporate identity under the grandfather's new management. I'm curious to see more of Howard's adventures (and his apparent online communication with the genuine Scion). :)
2/4 c30 mrpietan
I certainly hope you continue this arc…
Well written
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