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2/4 c30 2CMVreud
Ha. And that happened to Mr. Nomie McNormface.
You know... after all that excitement is over... I bet he'll need a vacation then. Under an alias. A stinky, poopy everywhere-Joe name. Better use a colour for that.
2/3 c30 2Qriiz
that was an awful place to stop.
2/3 c30 269Manchester
If you ever continue this hilarious chapter, please have the PRT commit the year's most entertaining case of mistaken identity by going after who they think killed Lung and Oni Lee: none other than Hookwolf of the Empire 88.

Hey, it makes sense...kind of. If Brad Meadows for some reason needed to wear a different mask than his usual canis lupus style (maybe he sent it out for cleaning) when driving in a blizzard, it's quite possible he grabbed an earlier attempt to conceal his civilian identity as a Great Old One.
2/3 c30 frisbeeg70
"Howard opened the trunk and pulled out his tire iron. You finish the job, of course."

Alternate ending spot #1. Wouldn't have been as much fun, but would have made a great super short.
2/3 c30 14Yorae Rasante
Ok, REALLY curious if he just has luck, has POWERS of luck/probability he does not know (like Steel Ball Run's Pocoloco), or if the game is really a game or his powers let him alter things while thinking the medium for that is a game.
2/3 c30 1Priest
I really like this one and would not mind reading more in the future, It'll be interesting to see where this is going.
2/3 c30 177Firehedgehog
lool, nice
2/3 c30 devildust
let's attack the guy that we think iced lung that's bound to end well
2/3 c30 3Hellstorm80
This one's fun.
Always good when a reputation is built by a chain of misunderstandings.
2/3 c30 SS-ICE-FANG
SCP-2662 Love it.
2/3 c30 Wentley
With a side of Goldie befriending drunk gamer man?
2/3 c30 LeightonWD
Had me laughing thank you.
2/3 c30 Grim Troll
Ah, this is funny... and wonder if its going to end up like that one Taylor Hebert one where they think he has a stranger power to make it look like he has no powers? Or if there would be a shred of sanity as he confesses what happened (to his knowledge) and various groups get annoyed?
2/3 c30 cameron1812
Love HowardPerfect!
2/3 c30 Navn Ukjent
Fun fic so far.

I like the way it explores the phenomena of people getting an idea lodged in their minds, and then everything that follows is taken as confirmation of the original idea.
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