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5/14 c14 Difdi
It occurs to me that this Sophia would get along GREAT with Bitch. Same pack-oriented mindset.
5/13 c19 2CMVreud
"One roll Of Emily Piggot stickers."
I laughed and I liked it. Especially the face of Piggot. You know that Director Waller from the Justice league cartoon? The black, fat one with a chip on her shoulder bigger than Behemoth. That one.
That's how I always imagined Piggot.
5/12 c19 alaskan-dracolych
Yeah, that second one is definitely worthy of being part of the Shaggy stories.
5/11 c19 3WhiteElfElder
Really on a WORM kick...seems to me that all the capes either had a mismash of clothing, or looked like they should be gyrating on a pole on a stage.
5/11 c19 14Loki Firefox
I read this with the Worm Wiki open on another tab to be able to keep up. But for those of us who are enjoying this but aren't familiar with Worm, who is Geobukseon supposed to be? And is Cassie supposed to be Rune? Because in the wiki, her name is Tammi and the only Cassie I've found there belongs to Sons of Bitch and doesn't seem to be involved with the E88.
5/11 c19 keichan2
WOW! The contact method for Missy was better than any spy movies ever imagined! :-D

Thanks for the new chapter!

I hope to read more soon!
5/10 c19 176Firehedgehog
5/10 c19 2marius1117
liked it
5/10 c19 Joshua the Hand Written
Great chapter.
5/10 c19 wanderingwitchelaine
fun as always thanks for the chapter
5/10 c19 14mp3.1415player
Ms Aoyama seems to have been giving pointers to Information. I'd ask how that happened but that information is apparently unavailable... :D
5/10 c19 5lirial89
love it
5/10 c18 Bubblezmith
I normally find your stories funny but in this case I LMAO four seperate times.

Very wel done. Thamk You.
5/10 c18 2CMVreud
Oh I could see that scene.
Vicky the overenthusiastic oooh-shiny, Barbie (,wreckingball) sister, Amy the annoyed, deadpan, I-didn't-sign-up-for-this sister and Taylor the very very confused sister (propably the brain of the whole gang later).
5/10 c18 1Cemalidor
Waaay too much fun there. :XD
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