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2/3 c30 13yukicrewger2
and once again we have a situation where something mundane happens that changes the balance in the city, and everybody immediately jumps to "it must be parahuman!"

I'm kinda curious to see how this snowballs (forgive the pun) from here.
2/3 c30 Sir Omega
You have a supposedparahuman who offed two of the worst and one of the most powerful parahumans in the city, a parahuman that you don't exactly know the abilities of and haven't moved against the PRT and Protectorate, nor did any gang shit, and you decide to take a big stinking crap on the unwritten rules to attempt and kidnap him out of his own home?
There's stupidity and there's this. Maybe Calvert with his quicksave/load power would try it, but I doubt any rational PRT director would.
2/3 c30 LizardTongue
I hope you have some more chapters of this laying around, it will be interesting to see how the "hero" reacts to having his door broken down and Piggot's reaction when all the PRT tests show him as having no powers.
2/3 c30 haphazard1
I am not entirely sure what I just read. LOL But it was fun and amusing. Thanks for sharing this.
2/3 c28 3WhiteElfElder
Sounds like Alan has a bit of an admirer.
2/3 c30 l4w
So, how long was Lung in a snow drift after the snowplow mangled the body?
Just wondering because some snow drifts take weeks to melt
Thanks for sharing this idea
2/3 c30 1Lovegood Loves Good
Love it, more please!
2/3 c29 3WhiteElfElder
Now, that is the way you go about making changes and recruiting...legally.
2/3 c30 WhiteElfElder
Poor Howard...all of the odd luck and he is about the get messed over by PRT.
2/3 c30 21katmom
2/3 c30 Liedral
Huh? Is that wise? Sending a black bag team at a cape who beat Lung to death?
1/18 c9 Gross
Buck sure stops literally anywhere else but you, huh, Piggot. Jesus Christ its a fucking tragedy that her willfully incompetent ass karma houdini'ed her way out of anything resembling justice.

Literally the entire fic is her fault, if she was even remotely competent or less of a fucking sociopath none of this would have happened. She should be in the next cell over from everyone else her. Fucking scum.
11/6/2023 c9 202Marcus Rowland
That was hilarious - love it!
10/19/2023 c1 Holeynoses
hey what's that old story of yours about the professor and Henchgirl in Naruto? did you delete it?
10/14/2023 c28 28Kairan1979
I like the idea of that anti-carjacking device. Reminds me of the advertisement from one of Robocop movies.
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