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5/9 c18 2marius1117
liked it
5/9 c18 Tork01
okay, so now why did Marquis protect the closet, and who was the mother? Because I could use a diagram at this point. Still, Vicky with a new sister is just amazing for all the changes.
5/9 c18 3WhiteElfElder
Poor Danny "Lothario" Hebert, his world is about to get turned upside down. The upside, the Merchants are in a lot of danger if they mess with the DWA again.
5/9 c18 l4w
The Danny is Lothario is just darn amusing, I do hope that you add to this.
The swarm vs the Undersiders at the bank is a good read and then you made it darn scary
Thanks and I am looking forward to more
5/9 c18 2ranma hibiki
*cackles* love the idea that Amy and Taylor are sisters. and I think you got the expressions pretty close to what would/should happen if carol found out that marquis WASN'T her father (he would be her step-dad at best. his wife was one of Danny's exploits ;3).
even better was how Taylor took the innocent comment of may or may not have some more brothers and sisters. now ANY child in her age groups (give or take a couple of years) has the potential for being one of Danny's kids...so many pranks/good times to be had *grins evilly at Tattletale for pranking ideas*
the last omake had me laughing hard enough my family is questioning my sanity...again xP

keep up the good work! _
5/9 c18 Joshua the Hand Written
*Chuckles and Quffaws* Excellent chapter.
5/8 c18 teruin42
Fun story, I particularly like the bank omake, scary near omnipotent Taylor is fun to see once in a while.
5/8 c17 wanderingwitchelaine
brilliant chapter! thanks
5/8 c18 5Kian Xki
¡Yay! :)

5/8 c18 5michaelsuave
Love it! So much love it... like lothario...
5/8 c18 ficreader2011
That was such a great plot idea, need more of that.
5/8 c18 EliaEnoa
You absolutely need to do the crossover with ninja sex party!
5/8 c18 wanderingwitchelaine
really enjoyable story thanks for the chapter!
5/8 c18 176Firehedgehog
omg. love it
5/8 c18 4597boss
Neat chapter.
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