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10/14/2023 c28 28Kairan1979
I like the idea of that anti-carjacking device. Reminds me of the advertisement from one of Robocop movies.
10/11/2023 c29 Kairan1979
Thanks for the chapter.
What he's going to do with all those villains?
10/4/2023 c29 EP
9/7/2023 c29 Random Guy
Awesome, but the part with the ten thousand flash drives is a bit unbelievable even for OP characters. (Unless its like a1mb flash drive or something useless like that)
9/4/2023 c29 Raiju001
Jeebus... Do not Fuck with Baker Street tenants! Message Received!
9/3/2023 c29 177Firehedgehog
9/3/2023 c29 SotV
Huh, Reggie still being alive is an angle I’ve never seen before. Kudos.
9/2/2023 c29 1Noxlux013
It’s incredible how you can read FanFiction, presumably of two different fandoms, while knowing nothing of one fandom, and everything you know of the other coming from osmosis of other FanFiction.

A rather wordy way of saying, I recognize Worm, but who is Reggie and where does he hail from?
9/2/2023 c29 4verycoolname
The end made me grin. ‘I’m not a member of the Elite’ became ‘Thanks for giving me permission to start my own gang.’ And I’m here for it.
9/2/2023 c29 65Pyeknu
Nice explanation as to what happened to Reggie! BTW, what DID happen to his parents after he found out that they drove Sarah/Lisa from the house?
9/2/2023 c29 cameron1812
Totally love this
9/2/2023 c29 keht.jelicho
ok, I really need to read Worm at some point (also, it was only familiarity with having read references, and one overview/wiki/summary about what Worm is that let me suspect this was about that world- and only the omake/scene with Taylor that confirmed it since I know enough to recognize her Name with the other clues: my point being that a notice at the start of this chapter that this is a Worm-Fic would be helpful for people like me who only peripherally know of the source material, or ones who are unaware entirely but still read this and find the snippets of the world within to be intriguing.)
9/2/2023 c29 HoneyBear84
Love it
9/2/2023 c29 sandipi
LOL. Reichenbach gets an army and the locals are in big trouble.
Thank you for the new chapter.
9/2/2023 c29 Navn Ukjent
Fun one-shot.

It does make me wonder what kind of powers Reichenbach has.
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