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7/20/2001 c2 4Liz6
*sighs happily* Replace Summer of 47 with this anyday! Woulda made such a better episode...

~ Liz
2/24/2001 c2 31Queen Kakia
Wow, that was good. *Very* good. I never really gave the Stargazer ship a chance (well, that's not true, I liked them for a very short while sometime last season), but I think if the writers had gone about it that way, it would have been cool.
12/27/2000 c1 Heather
Great story! I love reading Alex and Isabel fanfiction! I hope you write more.
11/30/2000 c1 Julie
Awesome! Where's part 2?
11/20/2000 c1 3CaraJade The Jaded Angel
Ooh! Exciting stuff! I like - nice to see something about Isabel's thoughts etc. Keep writing, 'K?
11/16/2000 c1 Megan
Great story! Well written and still makes sense with the story line so far. Please continue it so I can finish it. It's really good.

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