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8/11 c14 Teamdone36
Is English your first language? And if not you should get a proofreader.
8/19/2018 c2 Gregory Hanssen
This is a great start to the start of term with that toad
7/12/2018 c14 Michael
This is a very interesting and awesome story! I love it and like it a lot! Also, I'm happy that you're using the timeline of the Star Wars Legends Universe and I am looking forward to reading more upcoming chapters! :) Keep up the good work and happy reading :)
6/3/2018 c14 jamesdf
This could be an interesting story but the typos, spelling errors and wrong word usage make it very difficult to continue reading.
e.g. wonted - should be wanted
phocus - should be focus
using right instead of write etc
1/27/2018 c14 30Hawklan
Hi just finished reading your story. I really liked the story, but the story has a huge problem. Sometimes it is very hard to read because of a "using the wrong words" problem.

Because I liked the fic I make you the offer to go over your last posted chapter and if you are further interested I'll also go over future chapters.

If you are intrested just drop me a PN with an email adress where I can sent the corrected chapter to. And please let me know if you can read Word files.


12/21/2017 c10 6Princess Meria
I have been enjoying your story however there are so many spelling mistakes that they detract from the story. If you want me to, I can go over the entire story and correct the spelling.
12/16/2017 c14 Isabel3710
When will the nests chapter be out?
12/11/2017 c14 2Fireblitz113
When are you gonna update? It has been over a month already.
12/3/2017 c14 2Isabel3710
When ate you going to update? This book is soooo gooood
11/24/2017 c14 10Kai19
While the story is interesting, it's very hard to stay focused on it, due to the absolutely terrible spelling and grammar. Please, please get a beta. I'd really like to read more, but I'd also like just being able to actually read it. Good luck!
11/7/2017 c14 Nataly SkyPot
Muy bueno.
11/7/2017 c14 2Charles Ceaser
Awesome chapter. Please update soon. I thought you abandoned this story.
11/6/2017 c14 ThomasNealy
I loved Luke's talk of the "Sight" but this chapter needs some major editing.
11/6/2017 c14 6ShotaroxPhillip
awesome story but the grammar and spelling needs to be fixed
11/6/2017 c14 Knight5946
I do hope u dont give Dumbledore time to counter everything that Luke and his team are doing
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