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for If loving you is wrong

11/27/2015 c11 nightmaster000
Pretty good story.
10/13/2015 c1 28AusllyTraceObsessed98
Ummm, so what happens in Chapter 12?
9/25/2015 c11 33JC Rose
Beautifully written. I hope being a will be okay and they come up with a cute name. I vote shared custody
6/24/2015 c1 MollynMuffyunBED
UGH WHY? ArthUR again. FranCine. SuE FUKIN EllEn. Get rid of Em.
OTHAwiZe Ill FiNish it
GimmIe the MAria ficS where SHES in BeD wiTH BuSter
LAdonna fucks up and NeeDZ help fROm MOlly
RaTTLES tAlks about HIS shit life on SKID row
Fuck it Imma do it

BuStEr N KaTe?
GeT rid of ARthUr n FrANcine and YoU GoT a STory ThAts READable
6/8/2015 c10 Guest
When are you writing more I have been waiting for so long and I really like this story. Please write more. Please!
5/17/2015 c10 54TheUltimateCombo
Okay, I was unsure of myself, but I talked to my mom, and we're on the same page, so.
First off, please don't be offended, but I'm going to state my full opinion.

1) Kate and Buster just couldn't wait to do it. They aren't even married. I've ignored that fact because it is a good fic otherwise.

2) However, these last two chapters make me face-desk. Because (a) you just throw in that Francine can't have children as a way to make people feel sorry for her. Well I don't. Adopt a child. It's easy, just do some damn paperwork. (b) She and Arthur are EXTREMELY selfish. Instead of being happy for their sister/in-law, they think it's unfair that THEY can't have kids. Wow, and they're such nice people *read: sarcasm*

3) Kate's willing to give up her baby. Not because she can't take care of her. Not because she won't have help(Buster, get off your bum and take care of your own damn offspring). No, she gives it up because she wants to go to COLLEGE! Not finish high school, oh no, she's finished that. No COLLEGE! Where the important people go! And after college, she wants to go snuggle and make love with Buster all 'round the world. Stupid baby's gonna get in the way of that.

Did I misread that? Because if I'm correct(And I am), then Kate's selfish, and Buster's a lazy behind twig. Arthur's a stuck up jerk, and Francine's a sympathy blanket.

But fine, it's your story, so I respect that. But I just find the amount of selfishness here overwhelming. And that doesn't mean the story's bad, but it DOES mean, that there are more than a few things wrong with this scenario. And at first, I thought it was just me, and I didn't want to offend, so I didn't say anything. And I was content. But this bothered my conscience. And I talked with my Mom this morning about it, and she doesn't steer me wrong, so when I realized that I wasn't alone, I decided to let you know how I felt.

Now this isn't meant to tear you down(as you are a good writer), I just couldn't ignore those elements any longer.

I hope this doesn't dampen things between us.
5/14/2015 c10 Arthurfan3000
How about making a sequel? It would be nice to find out what happens when Kate goes into labor. And what happens when Buster and Kate hands over the baby to Francine and Arthur. What wil they name the baby? Will Francine and Arthur be good parents? (of cause they will;) ) Wil Kate and Buster decide to travel? I'm very curious to find out what would happen in the future. Anyway, good story, very emotional. Buster and Kate did the right thing at last.
5/9/2015 c10 2Ilovepandas14
Great chapter please continue on writing this please please please okay.
4/22/2015 c10 6Mr. Freeman
You did the right thing, Kate.
4/22/2015 c9 Oh come on
So uh...what? Francine cannot have a baby? That is sad. Kate is having second thoughts
I sense a predictable scenario
4/16/2015 c6 LucytheGREAT
This is so gross. I would rather immerse myself in a pile of cats vomit. Buster is with Muffy
get it through your thick skull before I crush it with a brick.
Another Francine and Arthur story?
How about Arthur and George? doing the funky horizontal butt whip?
4/15/2015 c8 Mr. Freeman
Hmm, i wonder what happens next? Great chapter by the way.
4/12/2015 c2 33JC Rose

This is the main review I was referring to. Not only is it offensive buy untrue. Yes two eight yr old males in a relationship IS peadophilic. Kate was 17 I thought? When she slept with buster and its LEGAL! So how is a 17yr old girl having sex to a young man in his mid twenties wrong?
Grrr? Who are you, Daniel tiger? Lol

I wish people would stop insulting others on here as uts not a forum its a review board. Guests ebjoy flaming me yes the evil she monster JC rose but leave me out of this please!
Arster sounds funny lol wrong but funny

Please continue xxx ignore the trolls. Write for the fans and defenders
4/12/2015 c7 Redeye
Force Dammit.

May I interject a few words here? Please?

Okay, I don't think JC Rose was refering to the ten years difference when she said, "she's 17". At least, God I hope not! O_O

TUC Did say at the very least Buster was bi. Read the guest review he left why don't you?

Also, you seem very mature compared to the first review you left.
Also, Kate was sixteen(the age of consent in AMERICA) when they did the deed. Creepy or not, they had sex when she was of age.

Combo ALSO said that Buster's being roped by Kate. And I realize that Buster's in some serious soup for reciprocating the feelings, but y'know... "Details"

Bate's a pretty good pairing name, BTW. Congrats. I personally find ArSter absurd, but you don't see me complaining. Besides, besties do all sorts of Kriff(that's a Star Wars word, btw) together. Slashing up two EIGHT YEAR OLDS is more pedophillic than this. Besides, I call it the Spatrick principle: Two hetero life partners do all sorts of crazy stuff together and end up being called gay by on lookers.
Since when does going to the movies with a bro constitute homosexuality? And what's -wrong with- gay about buying a bro a soda/beer/McMeal?
It's a wierdass world out there.

Also, I want to know... can't Arthur be in the doghouse with a bestie? Like, "This dispute has crippled our friendship"? Also, not to sound like a jackass, but I'm sure Alien Fanboy Buster has some validity here.

But, that's beside the point, I don't get your point about JC's used of the word "faggot". I understand why Buster's supposed sexuality matters even less. Some of us like straight pairings, some of us like slash! When neither preference is explicitly stated via Word of God(refer to TV Tropes), just have fun!
4/12/2015 c7 Guest
JC Rose:
"This horrible excuse for a creature most likely someone whos never watched Arthur says he knows Busters character? Riiiight. "
Well, damn right I do. And I'm a "she", thank you very much.

"Riiiight. Buster us a gay Fxxxgt hmm? How so? Do explain YOUR theory's on how you came to such a conclusion. "
The way you use the word "faggot" sounds extremely offensive in comparison to the way I used it. I was using it in more of a casual manner. Being bisexual myself, I mean no offense to any third party who may have raised an eyebrow if they read my post.
There's no "theory." Any intelligent being would be able to tell from Buster's feminine mannerisms and closeness to Arthur that there is definitely something deeper than friendship going on there.

"My cousin was 15 when she had a child to a 23 yr old and my friend is luving with a man ten years you ger than her. Thank the lord for New Zealand unlike whatever bigoted anti gay prejudice against age difference. Shes 17."
Um...I hate to break it to you, but the first case was definite pedophilia.
According to the DSM 5 (Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), pedophilia, or pedophilic disorder as it is now called, is defined as "a paraphilia in which adults or adolescents 16 years of age or older have intense and recurrent sexual urges towards and fantasies about prepubescent children that they have either acted on or which cause them distress or interpersonal difficulty."
She was more than five years younger than the 23 year old. That fits the criteria for pedophilia. She's under the legal age of consent for your country: 16.
The second case doesn't even matter. Why should I care if some friend of yours is in love with a man ten years younger than her? It's not the age disparity I have a problem with. It's the fact that Buster is being portrayed as a pedophile.
Also, Buster and Kate don't live in New Zealand. They live in Elwood City! And I'm sure the same rules don't apply.
...But if said "man" is 10 years old, I'd say you're pointing out yet another case of pedophilia. If she's 17, and he's TEN YEARS YOUNGER than her. o_O

"You know BS about history. Queens and consorts married much older men than themselves and men were often married to their wards when theyre wives died. "
Really? How do you know that? Please point out exactly where I made any historical references in my last two reviews. Looking them over again, all I did was accuse you of being a pedophile and list reasons why Bate would not work.
Also, thanks for the history lesson, but I don't think that applies here.

"Not that I would expect an illiterate dumbass to know who or what a ward is, someone taken in as an adopted daughter."
Ha, I'm sure an "illiterate dumbass" wouldn't know what the DSM is. Again, I don't think all this history applies, but I sure am learning a lot!

"Its sick and wrong but pedophillia is 12 yr olds beung forced to marry men in their thirties. This is not. Some of the things in Arthur do cross the line a little bit as eight yr olds are too young to date or kiss etc."
As I mentioned before, the age gap needs to be at least five years between a minor and an individual at least 16 years of age. If your definition of pedophilia is restricted to 12 year olds marrying thirty year olds, you're sorely misguided.
Any mention of dating or kissing was purely restricted to imagine spots. Take the Muffy/Buster kiss, for instance. Muffy's imagine spot. None of it was canon.
But that's beside the point. We aren't talking about Arthur characters at their current ages. We're talking about a 23 year old Buster making out with a 15 year old Kate. And later getting her pregnant. Which is creepy. And illegal. And wrong. e_O

"Buster a big brother? In what universe? DW hates him. She finds him annoying."
I take it you haven't seen 3x1a, "Buster's Back"? D.W. seemed quite happy to see him returned from his trip. She even called him cute nicknames, like "Bus Stop", so I don't know if she "hates" him. :P
Or what about 10x3a "The Secrets About Secrets"? Or the fact that Buster seems to be apart of the family most of the time? If D.W. hated him, I'd expect her to be less accepting of him. But she appears to regard him as an older brother.
I'll be happy to suggest more episodes following this "universe", if you'd like.
This canon universe.

"So you think hes Gay and like a brother figure to a spoiled little brat? Have you even watched more than one episode."
Mmm...I'd say I've watched at least two, judging from the response above.

"Read some more Arthur stories. There are some Buster x George ones if thats what you're in to. Otherwise hide behind your keypad with no name. God bless"
I have read the Buster/George ones! They were very good!
And some Arthur/Buster ones. But this one is just wrong.
Good day to you.

"Forgive me God, but Jesus Christ people! calm the ever loving kriff down!"
Hah, well, now I'm calm. Sorry about that.

"If you want to you attack someone, This was DASL's idea first(The buster and Kate concept). Or if you're too (kitty) to attack her, take me on why don't you?"
Well, I wouldn't say I'm "attacking" now. Just stating the facts.
Yes, I read that one. Though I disagree with her fanfiction (because I think Bate is pretty absurd) I do respect the fact that she likes the pairing. Again, I know my last two posts were quite defensive.
The reason why I'm not "attacking" her is because the pairing was presented in a much more innocent and legal fashion. Kate had a crush on Buster. It's to be expected with some younger girls. They can have crushes on older guys. It's just that when the older guy reciprocates (especially when he's a legal adult), and the girl is a minor...it's illegal. Especially when he gets her pregnant.
Like Luckbunny said, the fact that the majority of Arthur fans only know Kate as a baby only adds to the disturbed nature of the fanfiction. A pregnant baby doesn't conjure a nice image, even if she's said to be older here.

"Also, I am frigging sick of all these age difference bashers. I know a couple that are twenty YEARS apart in age. I kid you not."
Again, I'm not bashing the age difference. Eight years between a couple is perfectly ordinary. There's a bit of an age difference between my boyfriend and I, so believe me, I know where they'd be coming from. We're talking about the fact that Buster is being presented as a pedophile.

"Second, Buster's gay? Pardon my Galactic French but in what kriffing universe? Please tell me, how do you somehow know that Buster and Arthur are lovers?"
I didn't say Buster and Arthur were "lovers." I made the claim that Buster was gay. At the very least, he's bisexual, since he's the textbook definition of "gay" if you just look at his effeminate mannerisms.
Based on my own conclusions, having watched every single episode of the show, I also claimed that he loves Arthur. There are many instances in which it's hinted that he has a crush on him. There's the fact that he often treats their friendship like a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship; 12x4b, "Ungifted," for instance. Arthur trades Buster's gift model for a Dark Bunny poster; consequently, Buster decides to give him the cold shoulder and force Arthur to grovel at his feet.
Arthur makes a card that says "am I still in the doghouse?"
A common phrase used when referring to troubled relationships.
Arthur goes as far as to give him the Dark Bunny poster, and offers to take him "out for a movie" or buy him a soda. Speaking of movies, have you noticed how often they go out to see movies together?
I didn't say it myself, but you may be onto something. Arthur and Buster may indeed be lovers. :P

"Also, where the scray did you attend school? At Dumb-A Academy? Beside you write and sound like an idiot."
I'm sorry, were you referring to me, or JC Rose? I see nothing wrong with my spelling and grammar.

"Also, did you know that people used to marry at 14? I bet that comes as a shock, huh? People married people years older than them in the old times. This is child's play compared to that."
Again...why, exactly, are you bringing up historical references? I don’t see the purpose. It doesn’t address the points I made in my reviews.

Well, anyway, good day to you as well.
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