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4/12/2015 c1 Guest
So, here we have a mid-twenty-something Buster lusting after a 14/15 year old Kate. French kissing her, trying his best to hold off until she's just barely old enough for him to avoid prosecution in most US jurisdictions...relating his urges to fatherly instincts...and multiple "fans" defending the idea.

You people are fucking sick.
4/12/2015 c7 33JC Rose
Different countries and different states have different LEGAL ages of consent. New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South america
The age of consent is under 18. Its NOT paedophilia to have intercourse at 17 with a 25 yr old.
America isnt the only country who reads fanfiction yes hard to believe, I know! Just like the weird rules for drinking being 21 over there but 18yrs everywhere else but hey in America you can get your self a gun under the laws depending on what state. Lets look at the polygamy in Utah? Ok let's not. The point Im making is age is just a number once you're mentally and physically prepared. In the country the author writes from, Australis or UK? Its legal. Also
Uh does it matter if its set in a FICTIONAL city with FICTIONAL characters. A aardvark and bunny? Please lets step back and look at the reality here!
4/11/2015 c7 4Mr. Freeman
Well, this is proving to be most interesting. Hmm, i wonder what will happen to Kate? And what will become of the two lovebirds?
4/10/2015 c1 Guest
This is nothing compated to teacher
Mary Kay Letourneau who slept with a consentual twelve yr old
When she was 24yrs of age. Thats paedophilia and earned her eight urs behind bars.
A 17 yr old sleeping with a 25 yr old IS NOT paedophile behaviour.
This is in the land of the free and the home of the weird!

Oh and Goose, yes let's do a double face palm at the hinted *homosexual* tension Between two main male characters and females. Whats next? Marina x prunella? Muffy x Francine?
The Draco x Harry sage rolls on. Boston lega was one of the worst for that. The two msin characters slept in the same bed and were like brothers. They were two of the most womanizing lawyers of the show...BUT it doesn't stop fanfiction going berserk with it. Oh and Bart x Milhouse. Come on
Arthurs not gay. Buster could be bisexual but not Arthur
4/10/2015 c6 bell
right more you are amazing at righting
4/8/2015 c4 Goose
Lol, good God. The people who try to rationalize Arthur/Buster, are the same ones who try to rationalize Draco/Harry, or Naruto/Sasuke...they just want the aforementioned characters to be gay, no other way around it. The "evidence" they all claim points to a friendship that on a brotherly level, and they need to stop reading too much into "sleepovers, similar interests, being sad when your best friend is gone for months at a time, etc."
4/7/2015 c6 TheUltimateCombo
Okay Edward, whateverthekriff your name is, some tips:

1. He's eight. I doubt he knows what gay even is. You probably only think he is for his voice. Besides, I've never seen anything relationship wise going on between Arthur and Buster.

Clips or it didn't happen. Shove your half-donkeyed argument down a drain pipe.

2. Wait when did it begin? I'm sure she was 17 when, oh scray.

Cody: She was fifteen
Spongebob: When he kissed her.

Oh! I see now. You could have a point, but I'm sure that 15 is legal somewhere in Europe. Don't quote me on that(EDIT: Germany AoC: 14)... I know some teens can drink wine at fourteen in European countries. Italy I think? Don't quote me on the either.

3. This isn't pedophilia though is it? Okay, YES you can argue that he liked her when she was fourteen, and YES you can argue that he kissed her one year later.
But, you also have to realize, this isn't completely one-sided. Buster isn't all "I want you Kate, *kiss kiss kiss* *Unspeakable sounds*" At least not completely on his own. Kate wants this just as much, if not more than him. If anything, he got roped into this.

Batman: The most legal accusation you could make would be statutory rape, and even that would require some serious stretches in court.

So no, it's not pedophilia. I mean, at least not this chapter. However, Buster's actions while she was still below the age could still get his (pardon moi) ass in serious kriff.

Back to point one for a moment: If anything, I would consider Buster bi at best, if you all really must have your bunnyvark kicks. Personally, with all the pairings Busters gone through(Muffy, Sue Ellen, Fern, and now Kate...) It's clear where the "Fans" stand on this.

Me personally? Buster and Fern are my go to pairing. If you wanna argue that Buster's gay, go on ahead, I'm not stopping you. But don't come to a story and use that as a reason to bash it.
If anything, point two is the most valid of the three, but legality topics require a certain in depth understanding of law, which I'm sure none of us ACTUALLY have.

Now, let's just all agree, that this argument is a mish-mash of legal stuff that requires research. If you wish to continue this discussion further, you can always make an account and PM my username.

Good day sir.
4/6/2015 c1 Edwin Luckbunny
1. On the issue of Buster's sexuality, many adult fans who have watched Arthur quite thoroughly (as in, every season multiple times over) maintain that Arthur and Buster's relationship has become much more characteristic of a boyfriend/boyfriend situation than a platonic friendship. We're basing this on a good deal of evidence across the entire series, and a decent amount of personal relationship experience. Some of it might be difficult to see at first since it takes a bit of analysis and putting things together over the span of nearly two decades. Notice how broken up Buster is when Arthur goes on a weekend vacation for what, two days? Notice all of the forearm/shoulder touches, and the embraces? Look closely - it happens in almost every episode. Arthur crying over the thought that Buster might have changed during his travels? The constant concern over what the other one thinks? None of these are things that best buddies generally do. These are things that romantic partners do. Oh, and do I even need to bring up the fact that Buster's a documented cross-dresser with predominantly effeminate mannerisms? The list goes on...

2. The Buster/Kate situation has drawn some criticism not because of the age difference between the two of them, but because it's something that began when she was not of legal age in most countries. That, and the fact that many viewers do not see Kate as anything other than an infant due to the fact that she's only been depicted as such in the show. That is, not counting one very brief moment where we see her possible teenage incarnation. It just makes the scenario come off as unduly creepy. That said, I am absolutely supportive of relationships with significant age differences...just as long as both partners have reached the age of consent (though that may vary a little from country to country).

3. Regarding historical examples of pedophilia, I don't see that as being germane to the issue. Sure, it exists. It's happened. Nobody's saying that such an unfortunate situation isn't realistic or believable. We're saying that it's repulsive in how it's being portrayed so beautifully, and that it's being committed by a character who's extremely unlikely to stoop that low.
4/6/2015 c1 Pope the 24th
"If it bleeds, it breeds". Saint Hugo young peaches.
4/6/2015 c5 54TheUltimateCombo
Forgive me God, but Jesus Christ people! calm the ever loving kriff down!

If you want to you attack someone, This was DASL's idea first(The buster and Kate concept). Or if you're too (kitty) to attack her, take me on why don't you?

Also, I am frigging sick of all these age difference bashers. I know a couple that are twenty YEARS apart in age. I kid you not.

Second, Buster's gay? Pardon my Galactic French but in what kriffing universe? Please tell me, how do you somehow know that Buster and Arthur are lovers?

Also, where the scray did you attend school? At Dumb-A Academy? Beside you write and sound like an idiot.

Also, did you know that people used to marry at 14? I bet that comes as a shock, huh? People married people years older than them in the old times. This is child's play compared to that.

Lastly, Lucy you are a sick sexually abusive pervert. Stay away from the good stories. You'll contaminate them.
4/6/2015 c5 33JC Rose
This horrible excuse for a creature most likely someone whos never watched Arthur says he knows Busters character? Riiiight. Buster us a gay Fxxxgt hmm? How so? Do explain YOUR theory's on how you came to such a conclusion.
My cousin was 15 when she had a child to a 23 yr old and my friend is luving with a man ten years you ger than her. Thank the lord for New Zealand unlike whatever bigoted anti gay prejudice against age difference. Shes 17. You know BS about history. Queens and consorts married much older men than themselves and men were often married to their wards when theyre wives died. Not that I would expect an illiterate dumbass to know who or what a ward is, someone taken in as an adopted daughter. Its sick and wrong but pedophillia is 12 yr olds beung forced to marry men in their thirties. This is not. Some of the things in Arthur do cross the line a little bit as eight yr olds are too young to date or kiss etc.
Buster a big brother? In what universe? DW hates him. She finds him annoying.
So you think hes Gay and like a brother figure to a spoiled little brat? Have you even watched more than one episode.
Read some more Arthur stories. There are some Buster x George ones if thats what you're in to. Otherwise hide behind your keypad with no name. God bless
4/5/2015 c1 also
I am officially allowed to call BOTH you AND this Buster pedophiles because Buster knocked up a fucking minor, a person he knew since she was a FUCKING BABY.
4/5/2015 c5 grrr
4/5/2015 c1 LucytheGREAT
this is just awful shite
you have the nerve to criticize my story?
Buster and Kate? this is vomit that should be thrown at you
Muffy would whip you good and proper you slag
4/5/2015 c6 JC Rose
I love it
A tad predictable but very buster and Kate.. Ish
I want Arthur's reactiion ..ooooh
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