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for The Curious Incident of the Hat in the Night-time

1/22/2017 c1 1DayWrecker
kudos! loved it
1/5/2017 c1 Guest
Good job
10/4/2015 c1 HuanKuan
I had some laughs in the reading, not bad at all!
9/7/2015 c1 Jarie
I laughed so much :D thank you very much for writing this!
3/26/2015 c1 1AnyMoreBrightIdeasGenius
Oh my gosh. This is hilarious! Kimmuriel having to pretend to be Jarlaxle wearing that hat! Thanks for sharing your writing! It's awesome!
3/17/2015 c1 MajikkaniHand
That was very entertaining. :D

I do find that the Matron Mother's obliviousness was a little jarring, and brought me out of the story momentarily, but besides that it had me giggling pretty much the whole time.
3/15/2015 c1 Ale
Oh, and I wanted to say that I really like the picture that you used for this fic.
And I hope that you write more stories with these characters! :)
3/15/2015 c1 Ale
I thought the story was very funny and I enjoyed it a good deal.
I thought the characters were pretty much in character and the story concept was amusing. I'm happy that Kimmuriel made it out relatively unscathed and found it funny that he could be mistaken for Jarlaxle only with the addition of a hat :P

And I really liked Jarlaxle's and Artemis's interaction.

Very enjoyable story overall. Thank you very much for writing this story :)
3/8/2015 c1 188Surreptitious Chi X
:) I liked the story very much. The idea of Kimmuriel having to steal the hat to convince a matron mother he is the leader of Bregan D'aerthe is very funny. I love the drow illogic of what follows.
3/2/2015 c1 Guest
This is amazing: everything from a terrified Kimmuriel to a typically annoyed Artemis and thoroughly fed-up Matron, I kept giggling as the story escalated. Everything was simply perfect. Yes, I do believe Jarlaxle would utterly destroy a room he searched things in.

I so hope there are more fics like these. Sellswords was a perfect set-up for them and the last two books simply fell flat. I will be watching for them. Once more, congratulations. Perfect first fic of these two.

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