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6/27/2015 c10 10Icon of Sin
LOL poor naruto and good chapter
6/27/2015 c10 SPark681
Well this should be good wonder what the outcome will be anyways keep up the great work!
6/27/2015 c10 UnsanMusho
I still find it weird that Konoha is really gone and Naruto never got the closure with his former parents
6/27/2015 c10 iZuikaku
What about saving Ur during the Demon Island arc, that wold be great,, making Ur a mother hen to Naruto,, akin to Kushina wanting grandbabies to spoil,, Ultear joining the Harem later on, maybe becoming Naruto's spy inside Grimoire Heart, Meredy and Wendy sisters of sorts, if your planning adopting Wendy in the family,,
6/27/2015 c10 StrongGuy159
Nice chapter continue please.
6/27/2015 c10 Stratos263
Next chapter please
6/27/2015 c10 Rebmul
of course erza wouldn't have a problem she's a pervert
6/7/2015 c9 desdelor97
This was a great chapteR. Please keep up the great worK.
6/3/2015 c4 godlikenaruto95
Do you have something against Lee, he didn't deserve something like that
6/1/2015 c1 Guest
what? erza offered him to join the guild? is she even know he is a mage? if so, how did she know? they just met, why are they suddenly act buddy-buddy with each others, considering erza's past.. please revise that..
6/2/2015 c9 1Avery III
Great chapter, i am looking forward to the future chapter you will be writing.
And will naruto get stronger or is he already at his peak.
5/31/2015 c9 StrongGuy159
Amazing story continue please.
5/31/2015 c9 UnsanMusho
Woah that was some very heavy stuff there at the end. Although I really have no idea on what to feel knowing that all of Konoha is gone, I mean I was hoping for Minato and Kushina to one day reconcile with their son and vice-vesa but at the same time I have a feeling that this isn't really the end and I must say that this is truly a unique experience. I look forward to seeing what happens next.
5/30/2015 c9 Colshan
No that don't have a way to get there. No no no. You don't have a Goddess, notice the capital, put up a impenetrable barrier just to have the bad guys get through, "Cuz Raisins". No. I enjoyed reading the story so far BTW, was awesome. But no baddies from the elemental nations in earthland, they have enough problems as it is.
5/27/2015 c5 Hi
Kaguya since Naruto a God and so is she
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