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6/6/2017 c4 7castiel459
WTF!? What did he have to fuckin kill them! Didn't anybody ever tell him, that YOU DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER! all because he's mad?! Whatever, just saying, even though it is ur story ,still... you make Naruto look like a bloodthirsty killer! (Sorry for swearing I really am, I was angry, still am to) anyway, you could make a great book... If you try NOT to make the main character look like the bad guy... Otherwise its awesome!
5/18/2017 c4 2Lil Author Vert
What the hell did Lee do to Naruto? Fucking asshole...
5/2/2017 c2 3TheLazyDarklord
It's a good start of a good idea just go back and re-read and fix some grammar errors and you'd be golden, can't for the next updates
5/1/2017 c4 Kobic
"I'm no murderer"...Are you serious? He's killed multiple people since he's been in the leaf...
4/4/2017 c15 Dr1zzy
Thx for update. Great story
4/3/2017 c15 Kesshi Uzumaki
Please update! Will Lucy be a part of Naruto's harem?
3/30/2017 c15 Guest
It's difficult to get a read on the stories quality. At some parts it choppy, others it's to straightforward, others still there are misspelled words but even with all of these flaws I can still read it well enough. Grammar is good though. If that is fixed then the story is good.
3/29/2017 c15 1ahmad3970
very good
3/27/2017 c15 A fan
Hey dude love your story, about a beta reader...Talk to AmusedLight. He propably is interested
3/27/2017 c15 Czar Joseph
Long time, when you got time to updated.

Well...guess always Naruto being a Guild Master.
3/28/2017 c10 MIKE202303
I wish this was a m rating so we could see lemons
3/28/2017 c9 MIKE202303
why did you have elfman officially leave fairy tail I think you should have had him go on a training trip and come back when he is ready anyways it's sad how malaria died also keep up the good work
3/28/2017 c8 MIKE202303
By now naruto should be one of the 4 gods of Ishgar as he should be the strongest Mage in the world I mean after all he can kill dragon and gods/goddesses not to mention has the power of primordial dragon and gods it should be a piece of cake
3/27/2017 c15 LuisPerez77
exelente capitulo
3/27/2017 c14 Raikaguken
Lucy/Zancrow? i dont think that pairing even exists.
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