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for One day we'll meet again

6/9/2015 c1 Guest
Very good. Thanks.
3/31/2015 c1 21MaryChapel
Galadriela, this was so sweet. Thank you for writing it.
3/4/2015 c1 cat spock love
je suis française , je partage votre chagrin j'adorais monsieur Spock , longue vie et prosperité
3/1/2015 c1 JEREMY
I really broke down and cried when I read this,but Leonard showed us in his portrayal of Spock,
that there ARE times when it's good to show emotion.

Also,as narrator on the series IN SEARCH OF,he told us that death is not an end,but a beginning.

Something to sleep on besides a pillow and a mattress.

3/3/2015 c1 59MirrorFlower and DarkWind
I like this I loved the last line so true
3/1/2015 c1 393alynwa
This is lovely.
2/28/2015 c1 57Pip the Dark Lord of All
This is a great tribute to a wonderful man. LLAP
2/28/2015 c1 41PSW
Thanks for writing!
2/28/2015 c1 Kimberleah
They touched so many lives from all around the world. Thanks for sharing!
2/28/2015 c1 dabomb29
This was perfect.

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