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for If Ducklings Stop to Smell the Roses

7/24/2017 c1 Guest
Finally found a quality read
6/3/2017 c46 35OldSFfan
I never thought House's pain was addressed adequately at Mayfield. Is 'cold turkey' really the standard? Anyway, an interesting take on a pivotal series of episodes.
5/25/2017 c45 YikesForever
*dun dun dun duuuunnnnnn*

I want mooooorrreee~~ siriusly, I can't wait to see what happens next (: good job though. Had me panicking for a second there
5/24/2017 c45 OldSFfan
Oh my, into one of the most terrifying story arcs of the entire series.
5/23/2017 c44 YikesForever
I love this story so much! It is amaaaaaazzziiinnggggg

I fricking love rose's relationship with house -

I hope you find some time to update soon (:
4/20/2017 c44 MarshWolffe
Very good, I'm completely engrossed in this story. I really do hope you update it soon. I read it all in one go, I couldn't put it down :)
2/5/2017 c44 Butterfly Wings Chaos Theory
ominous chapter. the calm before the storm. can't wait to see happens next. UPDATE SOON.
1/5/2017 c43 OldSFfan
Very painful reality check for Rose. House, too.
12/27/2016 c42 OldSFfan
Still so sad. Kutner was one of my favorite characters. I was hoping Rose would save House from Mayfield.
12/15/2016 c41 OldSFfan
Interesting adding another character (Rose) to this already very difficult episode. I hope Rose can help House.
12/9/2016 c40 OldSFfan
That's a tough episode. House is so clearly in the wrong concerning the plumbing issue. And House is so desperate concerning his own pain. Your take on it is interesting.
12/9/2016 c40 Bakerstreet Blues
Just curious, are you purposely making House the dimwit of the office? I really like this story, but it seems that Rose is the center of the plot and House has become the office mascot?

Hahaha...I just realized that I actually just described David Shore's season 7...so there is that...this story is WAAAAAYYYYY better than season 7 was...

Hopefully you'll finish this soon.
10/11/2016 c39 Guest
I just wanted to let you know that I fucking love your work and have just been binge-reading all of your stuff. I would warn you though, that sometimes your characterizations of House do seem somewhat simplistic. Other than that though, I really love how you've developed this story!
Best wishes and update soon!
10/2/2016 c1 Guest
lol come me scrublord im ripped
10/2/2016 c39 OldSFfan
The issues between House and Rose seem to be accumulating.
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