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for If Ducklings Stop to Smell the Roses

9/26/2016 c38 DeathSexx
Stayed up until 6am reading through this whole story because I just couldn't stop! Hope you update it soon!
9/24/2016 c38 2katniss12
good story so far. please update
9/13/2016 c38 19irene96
i love your story! i hope u update soon
7/29/2016 c38 35OldSFfan
With her FBI background, Rose brings an interesting and different mindset to the situation than Thirteen did.
7/21/2016 c37 7ShadowHawk
Keep up the good work
7/20/2016 c37 35OldSFfan
How will Rose prove it? House is a hard man to convince.
7/15/2016 c36 1SeverusSnape'sLove
Great story. Please tell me you have plans to continue.
7/10/2016 c36 Gigi103
Plot twist. Please update soon. I really like this story
7/10/2016 c36 Axe10gas
Still enjoying this one, only one thing I would like to see added in - someone to take Wilson's pain at losing Amber away, and no I don't mean House / Rose! Keep writing.
7/10/2016 c36 35OldSFfan
That is stressful for Rose. Where does the little girl factor in?
7/6/2016 c35 7ShadowHawk
Love what you done with this story. I'm hoping you can add the part Where House showed Wilson a porno film that Wilson tried to denied that he was involved from his collage days. That had me laughing in Tears.
7/2/2016 c35 Gilyflower
always always always look forward to an update of this ficits one of my most favorites
7/2/2016 c35 35OldSFfan
All's well.
6/20/2016 c34 Cookie
Good chapter. Feel for House, as for Rose finding her difficult to take, can she really expect things to go back as they were? always felt the show go 'House / Wilson ' reunion all wrong. Guilting Wilson into taking House to funeral all wrong, it was all to cosy. Wilson should have said no then and should say no now. Rose has 'made her bed' let her lie in it and deal with the aftermath of her actions (refusing to pick up house, telling him to call Wilson)
6/19/2016 c34 Gilyflower
XD so happy with this update
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