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for If Ducklings Stop to Smell the Roses

8/28/2015 c20 5harpomarx
Oh, dear. I hope that last bit was another scenario and not reality.
8/28/2015 c19 harpomarx
This gets better and better! And the best alternate version of the Tritter mess that I've ever seen, plus the twist of her hidden issues at the end. Very nice.
8/28/2015 c13 harpomarx
Such a wonderfully wistful ending to the chapter... and so in character. Really enjoying this a lot, and looking forward to what comes next.
8/24/2015 c20 Gilyflower
I like it. waiting for her past to come out more though
8/21/2015 c20 35OldSFfan
This fight shouldn't be left for long without resolution! Both sides could get hardened in their position.
8/17/2015 c19 Spark10111
I love this story! Can't wait for the next update! ️
8/10/2015 c18 Guest
welcome back. hopefully you get to finish this soon. really love where it is going. I noticed that you left out the 'big lie' that wilson and cuddy pulled over on House...had that been me, i would have left ppth right then and tossed my 'friends' overboard for good..

keep writing
8/10/2015 c18 OldSFfan
If House had had Rose in that very sad episode, perhaps everything would have been different afterwards (including Wilson's giant screw-up leading to the Tritter arc).
7/12/2015 c17 OldSFfan
And sadly, we know what happened. But will Rose's presence prevent the catastrophe of the Tritter arc?
7/10/2015 c16 Guest
Next, please.
7/9/2015 c16 fhuanwq023yr29frh20hnqo
aw that was like a cute fluffy one shot
7/9/2015 c16 OldSFfan
In the series, no one really took care of House (emotionally) after the shooting. How much better to have Rose with him when he woke up.
7/7/2015 c15 Guest
7/7/2015 c15 OldSFfan
Shooting the shooter is more satisfying than his getaway with no further consequences in the episode, "No Reason." The getaway adds to the dream-like atmosphere, but everyone's acceptance of it is improbable. I like Rose's insistence on firing the chief of hospital security.
7/4/2015 c14 OldSFfan
Surprising twist on a difficult scene from a great episode.
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