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1/30 c1 2Adrift-Writer
this was so good! beautifully written and though it is not finished I'm glad they ended up together.
11/2/2019 c6 shellee3
What a great story. I’m glad it finished with them getting together
7/2/2019 c6 3Strzelec
I mean, leaving us on the cliffhanger where we don't know if they finally found each other would be much worse, but come on! I need to know of they got their happy ever after or something happend down the road as it usually does when it comes to them.
And despite my rambling on the next chapters, this fic is amazing! I am really taken by all the emotions you brought us to experience with Donna and Harvey. Hurt, angst, uncertainty, fear, understanding and love... Please, let an ending happen as they let themselves fall.
5/8/2019 c6 1jendarveyx
When I started this I didn’t realise it was unfinished and now I feel bereft. This has got to be one of the most beautiful fics I’ve ever read. A lot of the ones that deal with Harvey losing his mum haven’t moved me the way this one has. I’m lost for words. I really really hope you continue/finish it. ️ Xx
12/21/2018 c6 darveyloving
Another beautiful story. I loved Donna being with Harvey while he was going through so much pain; she really is his rock. The meeting between Lily and Donna was so nice as well, I can totally picture it. Everyone chipping in to Donna about her relationship with Harvey is so right...it’s food for thought and I just wish the show would give us way more of this! The final scene of this chapter was amazing, I melted. The way they gravitated together after everything they’ve been through is so them. I love this fic so much, really hope you update one time. It’s too good to not have an ending. :)
12/6/2018 c6 TeremosCoisasBonitasParaContar
Can't believe you haven't finished it yet. Such an amazing story. Hope you'll update someday. This masterpiece deserves an ending.
5/21/2018 c6 2Cassyfanfic
Liked this one a lot! To bad you didn't finish it :-(
2/10/2018 c6 Guest
This is such a great story, please please please continue with the promised last chapter(s?)! You write beautifully and I'd love to read more and see how this story ends!
1/8/2018 c5 Guest
Great story. On a side note running in that temp isn't bad at all. It's ok cold if you aren't moving. ;)
7/17/2017 c1 Me
Love love it, pls continue :)
6/19/2017 c6 1pinkbunniesinthemeadow
Love this chapter.
Update soon please ;)
6/18/2017 c5 carlota206
I liked it. Great Chapter
6/18/2017 c3 Guest
Wow. OMG! All Darvey fans need to read this amazing story. Loving it x
6/18/2017 c1 Mary
Love this Darvey story. Where is first chapter?
6/18/2017 c6 1love reading20613
something is wrong with the first chapter pls fix it
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