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3/13/2015 c1 Guest
Hey! Miss this story. When are you going to update?
3/11/2015 c5 Guest
I need you to finish this story! I keep checking every day to see if you have updated it yet! I really can't wait to see how it ends

Please finish it soon!
3/9/2015 c5 23supersmileys
Oh god this story is wonderful(ly sad). But it is perfect. It is the story that was needed.
3/8/2015 c5 Guest
This great! You really capture their relationship perfectly. Was so heartbroken with the season finale. But also interested to see what happens with the dynamic between Harvey, Donna, and Louis. But great story! Really looking forward to more chapters :)
3/8/2015 c5 Saugaro
You are National Treasure, you know that? This fic is so awesome. I didn't expect it to be so good to be honest! It is so warm, so domestic, filled with love and support. I have no words to explain it. Love it , love you and I can't wait to see another update.
3/8/2015 c1 Guest
Wow! Please, you should go on with this f-fic! *-*
3/7/2015 c5 miss0sunny
This made me cry :'(
3/6/2015 c1 Guest
Please write more this is a really good story
3/6/2015 c1 miss0sunny
3/6/2015 c5 oceansapart
I can't wait for the next chapter, the story totally got me hooked, and i sure needed it after the finale... please update soon ;) (but no pressure)
3/5/2015 c5 2suits6
you are a very talented writer, I could feel all the emotions they are going through! Please update soon 3
3/5/2015 c5 Anonymous
This is great! Update soon x
3/5/2015 c5 Guest
So touching... I had tears in my eyes reading this chapter! After a very disappointing end of the season, this story keeps my shipper-heart alive.
3/5/2015 c5 Guest
I can't stop crying haha your story plus the finale (yes we do have it a day after everybody here!). Keep writing :)
3/5/2015 c5 Caffreylicious
I'm a big Darvey fan and I love your story. Read all the chapters in one go. I'm waiting for the next chapter eagerly. Andddd thanks heaps for a wonderful ff

Big hug from Sri Lanka :)
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